Roadtrip 2015 – Day 3 (Dahilayan Forest Park)

On the 3rd day of our road trip, I woke up to a beautiful sunrise. As I sat down beside the beach, my sister and Rey, came down from the villa and joined me in a morning prayer. There were so many things to thank God for. Being on a trip with my Allea family is one of them. How amazing God can really be when we allow him to work in our lives. Indeed, nothing is impossible.

A combination of blue sky and orange sunrise looked beautiful. 🙂


That is Rey, embracing the beautiful view.  Or is this a sign of surrender? I don’t really know what was on his mind. But he seemed to be having his moment here. 🙂


Local Fishermen, passing us by.


Ahhh…   Serenity….



Early morning companion, blue starfish. 🙂


Took this photo on my way back to the room. We rented the 2nd and 3rd floor of the villa, which consisted of 2 large suite rooms per floor. It’s really perfect for a big family. The big verandah can be shared by all or use the division to close its access if one wants privacy from the neighboring room.


The view from above.

A few steps away from the beach, lie hundreds of corals. Duka Bay Resort has grown and protected them over the years. That’s one of the reasons why we keep coming back. Other than the good rest, we love the fishes we see,  playing in the colorful corals.


On our way to breakfast. Wacky pose! haha

(L to R) Marco, Val, Joshua, Emelie and my sister – Pearlie with the youngest nephew, Wemce.

Bottom: Analyn and Jener.

Far right: Blaire. 🙂


We checked out of the resort at around 10am.  We planned on having lunch at the corner of Cagayan De Oro City and Bukidnon road. As it turned out, the Gaisano Store in that area does not have a restaurant at all. So we had no choice but to proceed to Dahilayan Forest Park instead, hoping that they got food. We all decided that we messed up. We should have just stayed at Duka Bay, had lunch and left afterwards. Oh well.. maybe next time. 🙂

From Bukidnon highway, Dahilayan Forest Park is about 14kms according to the sign. We passed through Del Monte’s subdivision (housing for their staff, I believe). And from there, it opened up to a wide pineapple field with rough road.

The said rough road is at least 3 kilometers. So just drive slowly to avoid breaking your vehicle. 🙂


After that 3 km. rough patch, the road goes back to its concrete counterpart again. 🙂


Ok, it was Good Friday , when we visited Dahilayan Forest Park. We had the shock of our lives when we saw the long line of vehicles. And a huge crowd, waiting for their turn to get in. I don’t know why , but I didn’t expect for it to be that crowded on top of the mountain. But it was. It took quite sometime for us to park because of the congestion, plus the fact that no one managed the traffic.

So I decided to go down and asked assistance from the reception area. By the time their employee arrived, John took matters on his own hand, acted like a traffic enforcer , got parking and somehow lessened the traffic a little.

I went back to the office and checked us in. We were told that check in was at 2pm. And that we should have lunch first. Upon entering the resort, my first comment was that it was so noisy. Nope, not because of the crowd inside. But from the loud speaker above us bellowing incomprehensible music. Disappointing, if you ask me. We went to a forest resort thinking of peace and quiet.

We proceeded to the restaurant and fell in line. After an hour or so, our food was served. We were so hungry by this time, everyone concentrated on eating. That means, no one talked until we were done. Eating, that is. Seriously!  ha ha

After lunch, it was time to check in. Finally, we can rest. The hubby wanted to hide from the noise. And so did the senior citizens in this trip.

At our room – the Forest View.

It was very spacious. Had a clean and nice bathroom. And more importantly, far from the crowd. The balcony is facing the mountain and the forest. I saw from our room the hanging bridge, which prompted me to go and check it out.




I also booked the Forest View VIP room for my parents and my sister’s family because it is larger. Then 2 Family Suites for all our staff. One thing I can say of their accommodation – it exceeded my expectation. It’s so  worth it.  Here’s the link if you want to visit Dahilayan Forest Park someday –

They are always fully booked. So with that said, please make sure that you book months ahead of time.


The hanging bridge has a rate of P100.00 per head.  It hung 30 meters above the ground. And is 80 meters long.



I don’t know where I got the idea that the hanging bridge is easier than the zipline. Yes, the depth is shorter, but the zipline come to think of it , takes seconds only. Whereas crossing the hanging bridge could take several minutes. Jener, our accounting incharge,  said that he thought of crawling to finish it. ha ha Being on top of a suspension bridge , specially when it is moving due to the number of people walking in it, was fun but I felt my legs buckle.

I made it!  Thank God! … ha ha After quite awhile, to be honest. 🙂

But I did not go back. It’s a good thing that  the hubby was patient enough to walk with me through the trail below and climbed back up.  I refused to walk on the bridge again. I know, I am lame.  lol


Yes, there is a trail. For those who prefer to go back on foot, take the trail. It is a nice exercise. The resort is fixing some of the steps, so just be careful. One request to the Management – please maintain it and cut some of the bushes. I think, not many people use the said trail. So some parts have overgrown bushes and trees.


At the Pine Tree Forest.  Took the photos below from my staff’s album. – photo courtesy of Tadeo. Thank you.  With his children as models. 🙂


Marco at the Pine Forest. They have life size animals which the kids love. (photo courtesy of my sister. )


John with the Hippo. haha (ahh.. I took this photo).


Ziplining. With Jener here. 🙂


Analyn and Rey. 🙂


Tadz and his youngest son. So fun!


With Emelie. 🙂


Manong Osting and Cholo, playing billiards. On the background are Dandan and Rey with Tadz’ kids. 🙂


My sister thought of zorb-ing. lol


The park and playground is not just for kids….


But also for the kids at heart… haha


The temperature at Dahilayan drops several degree Celsius at nights. So make sure that you bring warmer clothes. No need for thick jacket because it is far from fall or winter weather.  A long sleeve shirt will do. 🙂

I’d like to mention the following:

A) The restaurant offers hot chocolate. And it taste really good. It’s really tsokolate. Not like the hot choco crap Mcdonald’s give you. Seriously.

You can see how rich it is, even from the photo below right?


B) The restaurant food was just so-so. That is not a problem though. I can get past that. But their cashiers that time were terrible. Maybe because it was busy then or they really have an attitude problem. But anyway, I requested earlier in the afternoon to book our dinner so we won’t have to wait for an hour or so before it is served. I was told to come back later because they will  be changing shifts then. I came back as agreed. Only to be told that it is not possible. So I had to go,  talk to the Manager and explained my predicament. I said this exactly – does it not make sense to you if I order earlier? That way you and I will not be stressed anymore by falling inline later? You can prepare our food and serve it at 6pm? The manager understood and approved my request. My point is this, if a staff is not sure, then ask the higher up to ensure good service. Not just say no and pretend that the customer does not exist by chatting with other workers.  That is rude.

Okay, our first time at Dahilayan had some inconveniences but we got there safe and sound. We had nice rooms. We were able to eat. And everyone enjoyed the day. All in all, it was a good experience.

That’s what’s important to me.

It is not the place that matters after all, but the people you are with at that certain time. In my case, I was blessed to have the people I love when we went there. 🙂

Sweet moment with the hubby. I feel blessed….


Bye for now everyone!

See you in the next installment of this road trip. 🙂














Lea C. Walker



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