Roadtrip 2015 – Day 2 (Butuan to Misamis Oriental)

Medina, Misamis Oriental is the home of Duka Bay Resort. That is the reason why we keep going back year after year, if time permits.  This visit though is different. The hubby and I brought not just the family, but our staff as well. We wanted to give them a break. Literally. 🙂

I woke up late that day.  For an early riser, that is not normal to me. But I welcomed the respite. By the time I went to the restaurant for the buffet breakfast, everyone was there already.

The staff looked rested and happy.

Roadtrip 2015 - Duka Bay Resort (17) Roadtrip 2015 - Duka Bay Resort (18)

(Top) Tadeo and his cool kids.

(Below)  With my parents , nephew and aunt here.

Roadtrip 2015 - Duka Bay Resort (19)

I look forward to Almont’s tsokolate and puto maya. I don’t know why but for Filipinos , that combination is perfect! Right? 🙂  And it didn’t disappoint. As always.

I love Almont Inland Resort. But I want to mention this , I did not see any driedfish that day. Really sad…. Instead, there was sardines sautéed with spices. I’m sorry, that  doesn’t work for breakfast.  I heard even the other guests say yuck. ha ha…. So to the management, just don’t offer that for breakfast anymore. I’m just glad that there were lots of other choices.

About 10am or so, we left the resort. The trip to Medina is a short one. It’s only 2 hours from Butuan, more or less. On our last visit, the roads were terrible. I remember the locals telling us that it wasn’t repaired until Pres. Aquino’s time. I’m glad that it’s done this time and that made the trip a lot easier.

We stopped at this convenient store to buy water and some junk food. Over the years, I noticed that more stores and gasoline stations are open during Holy Week. There was a time when buying things along the way was difficult.

Roadtrip 2015 - Duka Bay Resort (5)

I took this photo before Gingoog City. It looked like a small park inside. Behind that are mangrove trees with wooden bridge. It would have been nice to walk on that trail but it wasn’t open to the public yet.

Roadtrip 2015 - Duka Bay Resort (6)

Preservation of mangrove trees is really commendable. Fishes and other sea creatures live there.

So to all the travelers out there,  when we travel specially to the beach, let us not litter. Let’s help protect our nature by being responsible travelers. Let’s train the kids as well. That way, they will grow up loving and respecting our nature more.


Years ago, the first time John and I traveled this way, we found the large fruits at the park of Gingoog City.  The hubby had a hard time pronouncing the word “Gingoog”, so I had fun teaching him. haha .. I know I am mean! LOL  So anyway, we brought everyone there for some photo op. 🙂

With a large pineapple.

Roadtrip 2015 - Duka Bay Resort (7)

Large Lanzones. 🙂

Roadtrip 2015 - Duka Bay Resort (10)

Large Mango.

Roadtrip 2015 - Duka Bay Resort (9)

John with the giant coconut. ha ha

Roadtrip 2015 - Duka Bay Resort (8)

Then he said – one more time. Wacky pic! ha ha


It was almost lunch time when we left Gingoog. Travel time from there to Medina is about 30mins or so only. Perfect timing for the buffet lunch I booked in Duka Bay.

Upon arrival, we were told that the Villa wasn’t ready yet. So someone led us to the tent they set up near the beach where our buffet will be served. They have a big restaurant with buffet lunch as well , but I chose the menu months ago for our group because I wanted to be sure that John has his favorite Filipino food. 🙂

Allea family is big. 🙂 ha ha At least 3 long tables for all of us.

Roadtrip 2015 - Duka Bay Resort (11)

We just hung out near the beach while waiting for our rooms.  Ok, one villa has 4 junior suites. I booked them all because each suite can accommodate 4 to 8 people.  Yes they’re very spacious with its own verandah facing the beach. So love it! 🙂

An hour or so later, 3 of the rooms were ready. But one of the  rooms wasn’t , because the previous occupant was still there. Check out time was 12 noon, but you know there are some “special” people who believe they are better than others and just stay more than the allowed time. Rude and inconsiderate. That’s the problem I always encounter when we are traveling here in the Philippines. Remember what happened to us at Banana Beach Resort earlier this year. At 3pm, our room wasn’t ready yet , because they couldn’t move out the occupant on time. Unbelievable.

It’s a good thing we have this view. I calmed down. lol

Roadtrip 2015 - Duka Bay Resort (12)

Finally, after 2pm the last room became available. Just in time for the glass bottom boat booking I made for those who wanted to go. I’ve tried this several times already, but I love seeing the corals and fishes through the boat’s glass floor . Amazing experience.

Roadtrip 2015 - Duka Bay Resort (14) Roadtrip 2015 - Duka Bay Resort (13)

Roadtrip 2015 - Duka Bay Resort (15)

Seriously watching the panoramic vista below. 🙂

After the boat trip, some of us went swimming. While I contented myself by watching them.

My sister and nephews, infront.  With mama and my aunt farther ahead.

Roadtrip 2015 - Duka Bay Resort (16)

Duka Bay has a not so white sand. But the water is so clean and clear that no matter how deep it is, you will see the bottom.


More than that, a few steps away from the villa, lie hundreds of corals with pink, orange, red  and all other hues one can think of.

But this is what I love most. The chance to hold a fish for a few seconds.

Roadtrip 2015 - Duka Bay Resort (1)

So beautiful right? 🙂

We all said goodbye to Nemo when he swam away…

After the beautiful experience with Nemo, I had another treat. 🙂 The sunset, the sea and the trees brought a different kind of peace and calmness.

Roadtrip 2015 - Duka Bay Resort (2)

And just before dinner, John called my attention when he saw the moon.  The water glistened with its reflection, making this scene so romantic and picture perfect.

Being able to share this moment with the hubby was one of the best gifts that God has given me. Thank you Lord for such blessing.

Roadtrip 2015 - Duka Bay Resort (3)

Ahhh… Duka Bay. Saying that I love your place is an understatement.

Roadtrip 2015 - Duka Bay Resort (4)

Where is it, you ask me? Check the google map below.


For more details about Duka Bay Resort , please click this link –

To all the Filipinos out there, come visit Mindanao. It’s not as scary as it sound. 🙂 Believe me, you may not want to leave after seeing what we have to offer.

Once again, thank you everyone for reading my blog!

See you all next time. In the meantime, let us all have a happy weekend. 🙂






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