Roadtrip Day 4 – (Dahilayan to RR Spring Resort)

I don’t know what happened but we had about an hour of black out the previous night.  The family told me they heard Dahilayan’s guards roam the perimeter of the hotel. I can’t believe John and I slept through it all.  Remember I told you before that I sleep better when I’m on vacation? I guess, that must have been it.

Because I woke up to this the next day… Isn’t this beautiful?

Early mornings in Dahilayan is peaceful. I could only hear the birds from a distance.


The fogs hovering above the resort looked pretty too… Thank God for a great morning!

IMG_6725 IMG_6723 IMG_6721 IMG_6713

Since we had nothing scheduled the rest of the day, we all  hung around to enjoy their activities. 🙂 After breakfast, that is… (Note: hotel bookings do not come with free breakfast. So be prepared. I ordered ours last night. Therefore it was ready the moment we went to the restaurant. )

Moving on…

I had fun with their forest trail! But well, I’m chicken. I wasn’t able to finish it! The other kids were better than me. hahaha I saw them moving forward as if the trail wasn’t high. Tsk.. tsk.. me and my fear of heights. You have to give me credit for trying though. ha ha…

Credits to the hubby as well for these pictures.

IMG_6729 IMG_6731

Papa playing billiards. 🙂


The nephews started at the park….

IMG_6744 IMG_6757 IMG_6755

And ended with the buggy ride!

Funny story – Marco told us that Wemce asked him while they were on the buggy trail – “Kuya, are there dinosaurs here”…  ha ha My older nephew told his younger brother, no there are none. Because they’re all extinct. I wonder what little Wemce thought of that.  lol

IMG_6767 IMG_6765

Tadeo and his children too! 🙂


While some of us were just literally hanging around… 🙂


We left Dahilayan past 1pm since we found it easier to just have lunch there.

The large pineapple at the intersection inside the Dole plantation. 🙂


Pineapples… as far as the eyes can see!

IMG_6791 IMG_6788

See, this is why I love Bukidnon. The scenic drive is awesome.  Look at the colorful trees! I have no idea what their names are, but they look beautiful right? 🙂 I saw a lot of pink and yellow leafed trees….

IMG_6835 IMG_6818 IMG_6798

The hills and mountains beside the road. Sorry it isn’t so clear. I took most of the photos while the vehicle was running. Still looks pretty though! 🙂


Ahh finally, RR Spring Resort at dusk.

It’s only about 110 kms from Dahilayan to Maramag. If you’re in a hurry, you can do it in 2 hours. But why do that when you’re on vacation? 🙂 It defeats the purpose of having rest and relaxation.. So we just took our time. Stopped when we needed to. Bought food along the way, etc.

RR Spring Resort allows you to cook / grill at their designated kitchen. I find that really nice because it gave us the chance to prepare grilled pork chop, tuna belly, hot dogs, chorizo, etc. So awesome! 🙂

We rented two of their dormitory type accommodation. And a 2 pax cottage for me and the hubby.  Perfect when you’re travelling as a group. 🙂

The resort has at least 7 swimming pools, if I’m not mistaken. The depth starts at 2ft to a maximum of 8 ft. I contented  myself with the 3 to 4 ft deep pool. haha..

Remember everyone, this resort is always full. So book in advance. That said, I don’t use the pool at night because I think that’s already dirty. 🙂 So go there early in the morning.  That’s why we stay overnight. So we can start swimming early the next day. There’s nobody there. The crowd usually arrives at 9-10 in the morning.

Also, this means  that the pools have fresh spring water  since they replace it overnight. And we’re the first ones to use them. Good plan right? 🙂


Ahhh.. the birthday girl, Analyn. 🙂 With Marco.


Dinner time… 🙂


Beautiful night… the moon has been showing off that week. 🙂


Here’s a google map , showing where we’ve been. If your vehicle has a GPS, that would come in handy too. 🙂

google map

To learn more about Dahilayan Forest Park ,  here’s their website :

Thank you everyone for visiting this blog again. I will try to write more in the next few days. Bye for now!





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