JP Coleman State Park

I must have said this a million times. One of the best things I love about America is their parks. Be it a State or a National Park. It’s mostly free but they take care of it as if their life depended on it. I find that so amazing. How I wish that my country would take care of our nature more.

Another park we visited while we were in the US last year was JP Coleman State Park in Mississippi. This park is overlooking the Tennessee River. And with its fall foliage, the view was fantastic.

I was so surprised that there’s no one there. I saw empty cottages near the river and cabins around the park. I realized that most people visit this park during summer because of its numerous activities. It was nice though because it brought us peace and quiet. 🙂

Let me take you down memory lane….

jp coleman state park (7)

Fall brings beautiful colors of yellow, orange and red.

jp coleman state park (1)

The cabin beside the creek. So beautiful right?

jp coleman state park (2)

The Marina.

jp coleman state park (3)

jp coleman state park (6)

jp coleman state park (12) jp coleman state park (13)

The Hotel.

jp coleman state park (4)

The Cottage near the Tennessee River.

jp coleman state park (16)

If what you are looking for is R & R, this park is perfect during fall season. It really feels like you own the place. 🙂 You can fish, walk or jog, read a book, go boating or yachting, picnic… Doesn’t that sound so relaxing? That is why I look forward to roadtrips, be it in the Philippines or in the US. It helps me to appreciate nature in all its beauty.

jp coleman state park (8)

As we were about to leave, two people arrived and took their boat from the marina. I wondered if they caught something. I’m sure they did. The Tennessee river is famous for their large catfish or small mouth bass. Ha, I remember how astounded I was when John told me that we needed a fishing permit before we could go fishing. That just doesn’t happen in the Philippines. he he

jp coleman state park (11)

Doesn’t this look gorgeous?!

jp coleman state park (14)

Or this…

jp coleman state park (5)

And this?

jp coleman state park (10)

If you can see the high resolution copies of these pictures, believe me you too would fall inlove with the place. But still, even those can never compensate to standing there and watching this pretty sight…

My dates on that day were John and mommy. She’s the main reason why we keep going back to the US. To visit her as often as we can. And spend time with her, as much as we can.

jp coleman state park (9)


jp coleman state park (15)

And of course, this is me. To prove that I was really there. ha ha…  With my orange jacket, I fit perfectly with JP Coleman State Park’s fall foliage. lol

I have that grin again! You know, that “I’m so amazed grin”… Mababaw lang kasi kaligayahan ko. So there… 🙂


To read more about JP Coleman State Park, this is their website –




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