Hometown Restaurant and Buffet

We were passing by Marfori Subdivision, coming from Maa on our way to downtown, when we saw this new restaurant. What caught my attention was the sign that said – Western and Filipino Food for P99.00 .

We’ve seen signs before that said the same but I find it funny when John and I realize what their so-called western food are. lol

Out of curiosity, we stopped and checked the place. The interior is very simple. If you are looking for a high end restaurant, then this place isn’t it. But it was clean. And the food was hot. That matters to me. And for the price of P199 for a lunch buffet , I think it was ok.

I took some sample photos of the food on display:

Mashed Potato with brown gravy.

hometown restaurant and buffet (1)

Battered Fish Fillet (L)  and Chicken Adobo (R)

hometown restaurant and buffet (2)

hometown restaurant and buffet (6)

Beef Stew.

hometown restaurant and buffet (4) hometown restaurant and buffet (5)

Sweet & Sour Chicken (Top) . Pork Afritada (Bottom).

They also served hot steamed rice and garlic rice. Dessert served were fresh fruits.

What we would like to go back to is their breakfast buffet. Yes, I’m referring to the P99 buffet I mentioned above.

Here’s a list of what it consist of:

* French Toast

* Pancakes

* Hotdog

* Sausage Patty with White Gravy

* Scrambled Eggs

* Cream Beef over toasted bread

* Fried Potatoes

* Steamed/Garlic Rice

And for dessert, they offer fresh fruits.

Sounds good for a P99 pesos buffet breakfast huh?! 🙂

They serve burgers and sandwiches as well. We ordered their sliders “to go”.  And guess what, it’s so far the best mini burger I had.  It actually tasted as good as it looks!

I seldom eat burgers, unless John makes them, because most of what’s available here aren’t good.  You know, other than being oily. It has more fat content than meat. But the sliders we ordered from Hometown is really delicious.

They offer an ala carte dinner. But that is something I will write again, after we’ve tried it. 🙂

Hometown Restaurant and Buffet is located at Corner Ruby and Turquoise St., Marfori Subdivision, Davao City. They can be contacted through Tel. No. 300-8309. They are open from 8am to 8pm on Mondays until Saturdays. And from 11am to 7pm on Sundays.




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