Genting Highlands – Malaysia

I wrote about this 2 years ago but I noticed that my photos have been corrupted. So I thought that I will just reblog this post.

Genting Highlands is about an hour away from Kuala Lumpur. When you’re in Davao City, that’s like going to Buda. Where the temperature is a lot cooler and the air is fresher.

I’ve read about Genting Highlands online when I did a research before our trip. So somehow I knew that we will be taking a cable ride. So I’ve conditioned my mind to that already… 🙂 I have a fear of heights you see, but me – being me.. that will not stop me from experiencing another adventure!

So together with the rest of the group, John and I , fell inline. A very long line, that is.. Like Singapore, tourists flock to Malaysia specially Kuala Lumpur. I didn’t mind the long wait though because that means delaying the inevitable. haha…

After almost an hour, we were able to board the cable car. I thought it was going to be a short ride. But it turned out to be 3.8 km long. We were told later on that the Genting cable car is the longest in the world. uh- huh! If I had known earlier, I guess I wouldn’t have had the guts to do the ride.

The view was spectacular. It’s nice to be on top because you get to see everything. We were so high, some trees looked liked dwarfs already.

What I liked about it is that, it’s well-maintained. And it’s very safe. So somehow, that eased my mind.

The moment we got out of the cable car, the cold breeze touched my face. The temperature is a lot lower comparing to where we took the ride from.

The place is amazing. They must have spent billions developing it. The resort stands on top of the mountain. And it offers hotels with casino. There are children’s ride , shows and several  restaurants to choose from.

This place was no doubt built with the tourists and their needs in mind. They even have a shopping arcade there! Who would think of shopping mall on top of the mountain huh?! Malaysians, obviously. LOL

Since, this is a vast resort, do not forget to wear comfortable shoes. You will need to walk all over the place to see everything. That’s why a comfy walking shoes is a must! A drape or a jacket also if you want to explore outside the huge complex. That is if you do not like feeling the cold air….

After spending several hours at the resort, it was time to leave. I told John that I couldn’t take the cable car again so we just took a taxi going down. It was a 15 min. ride and the fare was only 50 singapore dollar. Yes, for those who do not like riding in a cable car, there are taxis at the hotel. Just go to the hotel entrance and the incharge will call the taxi for you. I found out that some tourist buses go up there. That’s why I wondered why ours , didn’t. The snake-like road is wide and it is concrete so it’s not scary at all.

Plus you’ll find some temples along the way. I am glad that we took a taxi going down because we did not miss a thing!

The cable car.

The cable car.

Genting Highlands




Genting Highlands



Genting Highlands

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