S & R – Part II

I mentioned in my previous post about S & R that I’ll probably go back there after two months for the membership.

But then again, John couldn’t wait. lol

So off we went to S & R again. This time, I had with me a printed form which I got online. Filled up and signed. With 2 valid id’s for both John and me.

When it was my turn to be served by their staff, she asked for two id’s. I told her, there are two photocopies attached to the form. And to please check if that would suffice. She was all smiles when she saw those. Obviously, the reason why it takes forever for them to serve everyone is that most people are filling up the forms when they get there. There’s nothing wrong with that, except that it takes too much time. Causing a long line at the counter.

It helps when you come prepared. You are saving the time of other people as well. 🙂

My membership application finished in less than 5 minutes! And voila, John and I got our S & R cards. 🙂

The fee? It’s P700.00 for the principal applicant. And P400.00 for the supplementary card. Both cards are good for one year.

So what did we buy?

Charcoal – we both love grilled isda sa bato, so I use charcoal a lot. This one though is different, I use this “light a match” charcoal to burn the local ones. It’s in a huge bag but I only got 3 pcs , lighted the match and got the fire burning.  Just like that! 🙂 Thanks John for making my life a lot easier.  This charcoal is worth more than P1,000.00 pesos. But if you always grill, this is worth it. Besides, I’d be using it for probably a year. So come to think of it, it’s not really that expensive.

We bought some Montana meat, eggs, etc. Plus these:

S & R

There are 18 thick burger patties in a pack. It costs P1,800.00 . It comes out P100.00 per patty. Same price more or less when you buy a hamburger in downtown Davao. But this one tastes so much better.

S & R

I would prefer a freshly baked apple pie.  But this does not disappoint. 🙂 Besides, where can you get a really yummy apple pie here? The only place I liked so far is BluGre in SM Ecoland.

S & R

Ahh.. the fresh mini burgers I tried in the US were better, of course. But this makes for an easy merienda when you’re at home. 🙂

S & R

We don’t find corn dogs that much in Davao.  I don’t know why when it tastes good. So imagine John’s reaction when he found one at S & R. lol

These are just a few example of what you can get from S & R Davao. And they’re adding more. 🙂

For downloadable forms, click this link –


Enjoy shopping my friends!

Lea C. Walker



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