Maramag, Bukidnon

Since John and I had to work that day, we just followed my family to Maramag, Bukidnon. They left early that morning so the kids will have more time to enjoy the resort they found online.
We left Davao around 2 in the afternoon. The trip to Maramag is more or less 3 hours passing through the winding road of Bukidnon – Davao, famously known as Buda. I love the place because of its cool weather. Thick fog would envelope the road which makes it difficult to traverse if you’re not using fog lights in your car. The first time I saw that, we stopped on the road, and just felt the cold breeze in my face. The cool sensation washed away the stress and tiredness from my body and brain. I wanted to shout and just let the sound echo in its mountains and hills. But of course, I didn’t.  🙂
Foggy Road in Buda, Philippines.

John and I took our time cruising the road. Most people think that Davao, being a part of Mindanao, is dangerous. I can’t help but laugh when I hear that. Well, it is frustrating for us Davaoenos. But we’ve learned to accept that we cannot please everybody. As far as I am concerned, Davao is safe. Even if you’re up in the mountains. We’ve travelled this road several times in the last 10 years, day or night until mid-dawn. But we have never experienced an untoward incident, to date. We pray before we leave so I believe, that’s why we’ve always been protected.

We arrived in RR Spring Resort just before sunset.

My nephews ran towards us, shouting Tito John and Mommy Inday. 🙂 They were so happy that we made it. We were led to our cottage by no less than the 3 kids. Explaining to us that they’ve spent a lot of time at the pool. Several pools, actually. That there’s a fishpond. And that our room is nice… Imagine, 3 kids excitedly talking about those all at the same time. lol


The entrance fee for daytours is Php10.00 per head. They have several swimming pools with various sizes. The pool water comes from a spring. So it’s clean and free flowing. The cottage cost is Php2,500.00 per night (good for 4 people) with hot shower, refrigerator and aircon. They also have a dormitory which can accomodate 20 people which costs Php2,500.00 also. Double deck beds with mattress are provided for by the resort.
They have a kitchen so you have an option to cook. Or just buy food from their restaurant. In our case, we opted to cook because we’re in a group. As usual. 🙂


The Cottages.
Matt and Blaire. 🙂

Around 5 in the morning the next day, we went to Maramag Public Market, which is more or less a 10 min – ride from the resort. We thought of grilled pork and fish, that’s why we were so glad that the market vendors were there already. We were able to buy a hot “pan de sal” also from a nearby bakery. 🙂 I don’t know why but I love going to the market… Weird right? lol


While the vendor was busy chopping the porkchops we ordered, I asked the other customer there. (You know that I’m a photography addict right? But he didn’t… So I understand where this guy is coming from. )
Me            :  What time is the sunrise here? (a perfectly innocent question, right?)
Customer :   He looked at me as if he didn’t know what to say. Finally, he said ” I think , soon”.
Me            : Talking to my sister. “Pearl, let’s go. It’s sunrise in a few minutes.”
Customer :  (looking seriously bewildered, he asked my brother inlaw, Ruben.. ) “Why? Are you scared of the sunrise?
We all burst out laughing when we realized that he  actually thought,  we’re some kind of dracula who are afraid of the sunrise.  ha..ha.
I explained to him that I  wanted to take pictures of the sunrise. That’s why we had to leave and find a good location for it. 🙂
He was still chuckling when we left. That was the funniest experience, ever. LOL
That’s why I love going to places. If I was stuck in Davao working that day, I wouldn’t have encountered a man who thought of me as a vampire. hahaha…
On our way back to the resort. Photo courtesy of my brother in law, Ruben.
It took us forever to get over what happened at the market.  We would burst out laughing until now, everytime we remember that joke. Or should I say, serious thought of that customer. hehe…
And no, I did not get a good sunrise that day. It turned out to be cloudy. But it’s ok. I got a beautiful view of the lake instead. Which more than compensated for the sunrise photo I missed. 🙂


Maramag can be reached by bus or van, via Buda highway. If you’re coming from Davao, the Terminal is in Ecoland. There are public transportations also from Cagayan City to Maramag, Bukidnon.

                                                                 Lea C. Walker


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