My 1st Year Anniversary with WordPress

I am often asked why I blog. My response all the time is that I do it for me. Writing helps me relax because it makes me remember the memories when I look at the photos I took. Plus I wake up at the crack of dawn which gives me a lot of time to do updates and all.

And then, I realized that there are people who actually read what I write. It’s so surprising right? Believe me, I am still amazed about that until now.

It makes me really happy to know that somehow I have helped them in their search of a home. In their search for vacation spots in and outside the Philippines. In their search of restaurants in Davao City, etc. In their search of hotels in our country.

My reviews are all based on my experiences with either the hotels or the places we dine at. I refuse to accept payments in writing about those. I simply want to say thank you to those who have been a part of my daily journey. May they be the waiters that served us. The hotel employees who have accommodated me and my family. And the tour guides during our trips. Everyone, as in everyone , who have assisted us.

And of course, I wanted to rave about the food. ha ha… Seriously, wouldn’t you wanna know where to eat good food in Davao? Sometimes, we go to expensive places and get disappointed because it wasn’t worth it. I would rather eat at Blue Carabao, in other words.  The food is so delicious and tasty. Yet, we get to spend about P200.00 or so only for both me and John. That’s way better than paying P1k or more over a crappy food. 🙂

I was also asked what’s my most memorable trip?  I would say it was my US trip in 2012. It was my first time to go there. And it was my first time to meet my inlaws. Everyone was so great. Believe me, the southerners rock! 🙂 Their warmth and acceptance of me was overwhelming. And my great love goes to John’s family and his friends.

I remember, when we landed at St. Paul’s Airport in Minnesota, the weather was 4 degrees Celsius. I am so used to 32 degrees Celsius so imagine my surprise! If you can only see me that time, you would have laughed too. LOL .. Yep, I gave John the entertainment of the year, so to speak. ha ha

Another thing that amazed me were the roads and the drivers. It’s just so different. People actually stop at the intersections. They don’t cut us off. I loved the respect among drivers. It’s so amazing.

If you ever come to the Philippines, you will understand why. ha ha.. I love my country, but I feel like you have to be drunk to be able to drive here. Specially with the jeepney, taxi and motorcycle drivers around. The slogan “it’s more fun in the Philippines” can be applied to that too. ha ha.. If you are bored, then I dare you to come to the Philippines. Your life will never be the same again. Or if you’re suffering from low blood pressure, you can fix that here. ha ha ha

And then there are the parks.. They’re so beautiful and there were no entrance fees. Unbelievable. .

And my most favorite trip? Locally, the award goes to… Bucas Grande Islands in Socorro, Surigao Del Norte. I have told all my friends that each Filipino should really try to visit the place. This sounds so cliché, but I feel like I left my heart there. To me, the place is so mystical. With eyes closed just now, I remember the sparkling waters, showing the colorful corals under the sea. I remember the mysterious stingless jelly fish sanctuary. Here I was on a boat, armed with my camera. I felt like crying because the cove was so beautiful it seemed like it was a holy ground. If there are really other beings on earth, I would say that they live there. I was in awe. With mouth agape , I took probably a thousand shots of the place. Makes me proud to be a Filipino.

If you like adventure, try entering the Sohoton Cove. On a boat, you have to pass through a cave opening before getting inside the cove. That experience alone is something I will never forget. Coming out from the cave, you would see pitcher plants on the limestone karst inside the cove. With the water so clean and calm, it wasn’t scary at all. In fact, it is perfect for kayaking.

Then, there’s the underground cave. Oh sorry, I meant underwater cave. Yeah, it’s like a cathedral inside but it’s partially submerged in water.  Ahh.. going inside that cave was a little bit scary to me. But sooo fun.. 🙂

There are about a hundred islands in Bucas Grande. That means, there are deserted white sand beaches that you and your group can enjoy. It’s like Boracay, less the crowd. 🙂 Beautiful right?

If you can, bring your family. That’s one experience you can all share and talk about for the rest of your life. It’s a good bonding experience for the kids too. My nephews are all adventurous. And they loved it.

And outside the country? I would say Siem Reap, Cambodia. If you like history and you’ve never been to the Angkor Temples, then you should include it in your bucket list. The place was so clean and beautiful. The temples are amazing. Remember, all of those were built by hands in the 12th to 18th century. When I saw the carvings on the walls, I wondered how they did it. It felt like I was transported to another dimension.

Who amongst you watch Stargate SG 1? It is like that. You know, when Daniel Jackson gets excited over a new find.. And Tealc’s eyebrows raise up? he he.. I’m talking about that dimension. Literally.  It seemed like you’d encounter a Goa’uld any moment.. ha ha

If that isn’t enough, who wouldn’t remember Tomb Raider by Angelina Jolie? Yes!!! A part of that movie was shot there. Oh my God, those giant trees on top of the temples. It’s so weird and creepy but definitely beautiful.

I could go on and on, but it is better if you see them yourselves. 🙂

On future travels? I am cooking up something. But I am not ready to discuss it yet. You will have to come back in the future for that. ha ha.. All I can say is that I am sooo excited over it. I promise to share the memories and the photos of that trip.

To all of you who read my blog, thank you very much for sharing your time with me. 🙂 If you have questions, please email me. I can discuss real estate with you. Or we can talk about travelling in the Philippines.

To WordPress, thank you for this space. 🙂

Happy Anniversary to me. he he…

Lea C. Walker


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2 Responses to My 1st Year Anniversary with WordPress

  1. Congratulations Lea,you have a wonderful way with words.You are so descriptive that it is easy from one to have a mental image of what you have experienced. We look forward to the next year of your trips and adventures and mouth watering food reviews.


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