Narra Park Residences

How do you ensure that Deed of Restrictions are strictly implemented in this project?” I found myself asking the officer explaining ALSONS DEV. CORPORATION’s first mid-cost subdivision – Narra Park Residences.

The answer was – “Our track record , through our high end subdivisions like Las Terrazas, Woodridge Park, Ladislawa Garden Village, etc. shows that ALDEVINCO takes care of the project and their buyers even if the subdivision has already been turned over to the homeowners. If all of you (the group listening to the presentation) are familiar with these subdivisions, you will know that the value of the properties there have gone up so high because we have built not just mere subdivisions but high end communities. Narra Park Residences, may be a mid-cost subdivision , but this is the best class among its peers”.

I asked such question, not only for myself , but for all the clients out there who are thinking of investing their hard earned monies in real estate. Imagine, investing Php2 to 3 million pesos in a property advertised as a gated and guarded community with  Deed of Restrictions. Only to realize later on that :

1) The Homeowners Association is a mess.

2) That said Deed of Restrictions are nothing but mere words floating on air.

Sad right?

In the meantime, you are stuck in a neighborhood , that you realize you do not like after all. And that there is nothing you can do about it. Unless you want to go to court and sue everyone concerned. Or sell your house. 🙂

These are realities that not many people will  disclose nor discuss with the buyers. But as a buyer myself, I am sharing my thoughts so you are aware and you’re able to equip yourselves better when you buy properties in the Philippines.

The bottom line is – choose your developer well. Check their track record. Ask the neighborhood how they find living there. And ask how is their homeowner’s association. Remember , these are the people you will be dealing with for as long as you decide to live there.

Would I recommend Alsons Development Corporation? Of course, their track record in Davao City is impeccable. The prices of their properties double or triple at least within a 5 year period. Why? Because they just don’t sell land or houses. They sell the whole package. They ensure that the community you are living in will always be that – a nice neighborhood one would want to live with forever.

Today, the 18th of November 2015, Nurtura Land & Home (Alson’s Subsidiary incharge of their Mid-cost Housing) , will start selling Narra Park Residences.

So I am sharing these facts to help you decide in your search of a home. I have never and will never “hard sell”. I can only recommend. And help you decide. I hope this helps.





Turn Over Schedule

Available for Sale

Bungalow - Orientation of Houses Bungalow Floor Plan Bungalow Height Bungalow Model House

Bungalow with Loft Floor Plan Bungalow With Loft Height Bungalow with Loft

Two Storey House Floor Plan Two Storey House Orientation of Houses Two Storey House with Balcony Two Storey House with option for a balcony



Project Details

Cabana Facade Cabana2

Narra Park Residences, Allea Real Estate,,cheap house for sale in Davao City (3) Narra Park Residences, Allea Real Estate,,cheap house for sale in Davao City (2)


Narra Park Residences, Allea Real Estate,,cheap house for sale in Davao City (8) Narra Park Residences, Allea Real Estate,,cheap house for sale in Davao City (7)



  1. Reservation Fee P20,000.00
  2. Downpayment 20% of the Total Contract Price = payable in 24 months
  3. Balance through Pag-ibig Housing Loan (Maximum of 30 years)  or Bank Financing (maximum of 20 years term)


20151117_115639 20151117_115643 20151117_115657 20151117_115921 20151117_115926 20151117_115935

For more details, please email

Thank you.



Lea C. Walker



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