Pitcher Plant Farm

A beautiful start to a wonderful day... Taken at Pitcher Plant Farm, Malaybalay, Bukidnon.

A beautiful start to a wonderful day… Taken at Pitcher Plant Farm, Malaybalay, Bukidnon.

I found Pitcher Plant Farm through Agoda (www.agoda.com) . I got interested with it because I’ve always wanted to see pitcher plants. I found the fact they they thrive on insects as their food very interesting. I know I am weird, lol. But there it is.. 🙂

Pitcher Plant Farm is a small private resort in Brgy. Kalasungay, Malaybalay, Bukidnon. From Davao City, the trip should have been 4.5 hours only. But it took us 6 hours because of road repairs. I’ll tell you more about it in my next blog.

Since we had no idea how to find the place (google map was wrong!), I called up the owner, Volker. And thankfully, he met us at the highway and led us to his place. It’s about 300 meters from the national highway. And when it’s dark and if you’re not familiar with the place, it is best to ask for assistance. Lest you get lost.

Upon arrival, they served us dinner (beefsteak with rice and passion fruit for our drinks),  in our cottage. The beefsteak was good. But the passion fruit, it’s ok I guess, but not my favorite. hehe

The suite room was big for just John and me. But he doesn’t like being cramped up, so it worked perfectly well for us. It has a large living room. A spacious kitchen and dining area. And a big bathroom as well. There is a loft that serves as the bedroom with 1 queen size bed and a single bed. And yes, they allow the guests to cook if they want to. But I asked them to just prepare our food since we preferred to rest and relax only, while we were there… 🙂

The cottage at Pitcher Plant Farm.

The cottage at Pitcher Plant Farm.

The Living Room.

The kitchen and dining area.

The kitchen and dining area.

The loft type bedroom.

The loft type bedroom.

The Verandah. :)

The Verandah. 🙂

Our early morning visitor. :)

Our early morning visitor. 🙂

What I love most about the cottage was its wide verandah. John and I enjoyed watching the birds the next morning. We just sat there for a long time after breakfast. I took some bread and spread it out on the porch. Then one by one, the local birds came to eat the small pieces I left there. It was really fun! Specially when you listen to them talking. I assumed they were talking. Because it seemed like the first bird called for the others when it saw the bread. haha

And then the wind started blowing… gently. I so loved the sound of the leaves, as if they were whistling and dancing. It was such a beautiful experience that we both enjoyed. If not for the business, I think John and I will just live in a farm with turkeys, birds, butterflies and cows, maybe.. hehe.


I first read about these carnivorous plants years ago. When the news said that a big one was found in Bukidnon. And then, I saw a picture frame at the cottage, showing one as big as an old man. Of course, I wanted proof right? lol So I took a picture of it.

I wonder if this was the one they found in Bukidnon? I took this photo at the picture frame in the cottage. :)

I wonder if this was the one they found in Bukidnon? I took this photo at the picture frame in the cottage. 🙂


087 086 077 069 Pitcher Plant Farm

They’re beautiful right? 🙂 I saw a miniature size of pitcher plants in Bucas Grande Islands , Surigao del Norte.  Those were really cute too. But I love the colors of the ones above better. 🙂

The Address:

Pitcher Plant Farm – Brgy. Kalasungay, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon

Coordinates : 8.101935N 125.061235E (maps.google.com) While we were there, I made sure to get the coordinates so it’s easier to find it online. Hope this will help you. 🙂

Contact No. 09129492800

Website : http://www.pitcher-plants.com/

If you ever go to Bukidnon, this place is worth checking for. Specially if you like to commune with nature. 🙂

Please note that they do not accept walk-in clients. So before coming over, make sure that you have a booking already.


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