Pearl Farm – A birthday treat …

No it’s not my birthday. 🙂  It was John’s . We had a simple celebration with the family and I booked for an overnight stay at Pearl Farm in Samal Island.

We’ve been there several times on a day tour. But have never slept there at all. I thought, it would be nice to cap the event with a restful stay at one of the best beach resorts in the island.

We left the party around 5:30 in the afternoon. There was no rush we thought. From our nipa hut in Mambago , Pearl Farm was about 10 or so kilometers only. What we forgot to consider was that it gets dark early these days.  Without clear signages going to the resort, it was difficult to find it. Plus of course, the road is rough. Yep, that’s the reason why most visitors go there by boat.

After almost an hour on a dirt road and  of treading slowly on a downhill slope, we finally reached Pearl Farm.

The moment we arrived, everything changed. Instantly. The tiredness from the day’s activities just seemed to vanish.We were assisted immediately and given an instruction where to park. Then we were picked up from the parking space by their driver and brought to the information area. Upon arrival, a fresh towel was given to us and a glass of fresh pineapple juice.

Check in was fast and efficient. I just presented my Agoda voucher. And voila, everything’s set. The driver then brought us to the Samal House. Our home for the night. This stealth cottage is made of bamboo and wood but has a nice finish, comfortable king size bed and a separate toilet and bathroom. It’s right on the clear waters of Samal Island, so one could hear the gentle splashes of island waves. The light’s reflection on the water looked so beautiful.

Pearl Farm, Samal House

After settling in, we walked back to the restaurant. Since we were still full from the party earlier, we just opted to buy some drinks and listened to the singers serenading the guests.

Pearl Farm, Samal Island

The infinity pool near the restaurant looked radiant in the dark. Some people had fun swimming while we contented ourselves by sitting beside the beach. A peaceful end to a happy day, I thought. 🙂


The combination of pink and orange hues greeted me the next day. It was as if someone painted the sky with water colors and left its glowing reflection against the calm blue sea.

Pearl Farm IMG_6138 - Copy IMG_6139 - Copy

Beautiful right? Imagine seeing that. Then listen to the lulling sound of the waves while watching the school of colorful fishes under the cottage.  Wonderful feeling huh?! 🙂 That’s what Pearl Farm is all about…. The atmosphere is all about relaxation. And so your mind is conditioned to take a break, first and foremost. Then your body just starts to calm down and loosen up. As you start to unwind, you savor the whole experience and enjoy every bit of it. At least that’s how it felt to me… 🙂

Another thing I love about Pearl Farm is their buffet. We’ve tried their lunch in the past and it didn’t disappoint. Infact, the friends we were with before, laughed and jokingly said that they would like to marry the chef. ha ha…

Breakfast was the same. The buffet consisted of bacon and a long list of western and Filipino cuisine. There was an egg counter , cereal counter, salad and fruit bar, dessert counter, several types of bread, pancakes and waffles. You won’t get hungry. That’s for sure!

But most of all, I welcomed the dried “pusit” . 🙂

Pearl Farm Pearl Farm, Maranao restaurant

The day tour visitors normally arrive between 10 to 11am.  So I suggest that you start swimming, either in their 3 infinity pools or the beach, early. That way, you don’t get to share such with the crowd. I have nothing against a big crowd. But I would prefer to enjoy the place while I can in silence.  I think as I grew older, I’ve become more boring. ha ha



Pearl Farm

Pearl Farm

The Samal Houses.

Pearl FArm

The Boardwalk.


Pearl Farm

The Maranao Restaurant.


The Infinity Pool with Pearl Farm's famous Parola. The bar is at the 2nd floor of the Parola.

The Infinity Pool with Pearl Farm’s famous Parola. The bar is at the 2nd floor of the Parola.


Pearl Farm

The beach.


Pearl Farm

Infinity Pool


The view of Mt. Apo from our cottage.

The view of Mt. Apo from our cottage.


Pearl Farm

The Jacuzzi, infinity pool and the beach.

Pearl Farm

The celebrant. 🙂 Happy birthday my love!

For Pearl Farm booking, their website is –

But when we go on vacation local or otherwise, I prefer to book with because it’s cheaper. Plus I get to save points which I can use for future bookings. 🙂



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