My Christmas Celebrations…

Christmas has been both sad and joyful…

Sad, because earlier this month, the southern part of our country got hit by a typhoon. In effect, it damaged billions worth of private properties, infrastractures and businesses. It killed a lot of people leaving their families in  pain and in dire poverty.

If you read my previous blogs, you would have seen how heartbreaking it was. 😦  Five days after the typhoon, we went to Compostela to give relief goods. Hoping that in a very small way, we will be able to alleviate their hunger. The scene infront of me was dismal and so dark that I cried. For the people who lost their families and for the people who lost their jobs.

I  pray that the victims and their families will recover eventually with the help of the government and non-government sectors.

Joyful, because I am blessed. I thank God for the gift of family and friends during this holy season.


I was at a party given by Santos Land Dev. Corp on December 19 at Grand Menseng Hotel, when I saw Vice Mayor Rody Duterte. I have admired him for as long as I can remember and have prayed that I get to meet him someday. God granted that prayer then. 🙂


Dinner with the Allea family. 🙂 We were supposed to have our christmas party in a beach resort in Samal on December 5. But typhoon Bopha happened. Due to the weather and the havoc in left in nearby provinces, we decided to postpone the beach party next year.

So we had a simple buffet dinner at Nanay Bebing’s Restaurant instead.


Another event, A Magical Christmas, with DMC UPDI. Taken on December 18, 2012 at the Apo View Hotel.


I thank God for both sad and happy memories.

And I am thankful for the fact that Jesus birth means God’s ultimate love for his children.

For me, it means that there  is hope and that there’s a rainbow after the storm.

So on christmas eve, our family said grace and sang the birthday song to our celebrant.

And before midnight, mama led us into a prayer of thanksgiving. Simple celebration, spent with God and family.

This is what christmas is to me…

012 Our 100 year old Santo Nino. For us catholics, Sto. nino represents the young Jesus. 🙂

Lea C. Walker


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