Roadtrip (Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee)

The main reason why we went to the US was for me to meet John’s family. And since they’re scattered all over the South, I had the chance to see several states while we were there. 🙂

Some people find roadtrips boring or tedious. But not me. 🙂  Roadtrips are perfect for my wandering lust, so to speak.  Needless to say, I was so excited about the whole trip.

So let me take you to Alabama and Tennessee through the photos I took. 🙂

From Mississippi, John drove through the Natchez Trace.

Believe me, the Natchez Trace is something you should never miss if you ever go to the Southern part of the US. Since it’s a protected park, you’re only allowed to drive 50 miles per hour. So you get to enjoy the scenic views. It’s so beautiful, I was in awe.

We exited somewhere in Decatur , Alabama. We were supposed to follow North 65 interstate but we missed the exit. So we thought, we will just look for lunch first and then head back towards   North 65 again.

Crossing the Tennesse River in Decatur, Alabama.

This reminded me of the San Juanico Bridge in Samar, Leyte. 🙂

The first rocket I saw! 🙂

This rocket is so big, you can see it for miles. You will know that you’re in Alabama already once you see this rocket. 🙂

North 65 interstate.

I was lucky enough to have visited the US during autumn. The highway from Alabama to Nashville was decorated with myriads of colorful trees as we travelled.

Tennessee welcomes us.. 🙂

Before we proceeded with our trip, we stopped over this mall. Outlets of brands like Nike, Eddie Bauer, Gap, Ralph Lauren, etc can be found here. Saying John was happy is an understatement. 🙂 He finds it difficult to shop for clothes in his size in Davao, that’s why. Filipino large is wide but short. So this stop was perfect! 🙂

I don’t normally shop when we’re travelling. But this time, I bought several clothes and shoes because I believe that I got a good deal. 🙂

After shopping, we proceeded to our final destination. – the log cabin of John’s cousin.

The Log cabin of John’s cousin..

I found the place really beautiful. It was surrounded by mountains. And had a very big manicured lawn. I was told that the cabin was painted gray outside to have an antique look. I thought it fit perfectly well with the environment it’s in.

I love the kitchen!

And the bathroom! 🙂

Doug, like most of the people I met during this trip was very warm and welcoming. 🙂 It made my stay memorable. I was happy that we all had the chance to meet during this visit. I know mommy was happy about it. 🙂

Doug and John with mommy in the background. 🙂

Austin and Bella.

Hehe.. I had to pose of course. LOL …

So this is how our Day  ended.  Hope to see you again next time! 🙂

Lea C. Walker


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