Tishomingo State Park

One of the most beautiful parks we’ve visited while we were in the US was Tishomingo State Park in Mississippi.

From wikipedia:

The park pays tribute to Tishomingo County‘s remarkable geography of massive rock formations, found here and in the immediately surrounding areas but nowhere else in Mississippi.[3] The steep cliffs and abundant carboniferous limestone outcrops represent the southwestern extremity of the Southern Appalachian Plateau. It is named for one of the last great Chickasaw leaders, Chief Tishu Miko who was born in Mississippi.

Coming from a tropical country,  I was so amazed with the kaleidoscope of colors infront of me. No, we do not have Autumn in the Philippines. So this experience was so new to me. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of the trees and the surroundings.

And then, John noticed this turtle beside the road. I couldn’t believe it! I always thought that turtles can’t live without water. I am sooo wrong! We found this little guy several miles away from the lake or the creek. I don’t know how he made it but he looked ok to me. 🙂 I had to keep my distance though because he looked mean. lol Besides, a snapper turtle can snap your fingers off.. So be careful if you see one too!

Snapper Turtle. 🙂

After this short incident with snappy (my name for the turtle. lol) , we proceeded to the clubhouse/ pool area of the park. Nope, we’re not going swimming. It’s too cold for that. lol But the parking space is there. We had to leave the car so we can check the walking trails.

They have 7 walking trails. But we only chose one. The outcropping trail. This is where you will find the huge rock formations that the park is famous for.

The hanging bridge. Mommy and I.

We had to cross this hanging bridge before reaching the outcropping trail. I didn’t like walking in it but I am glad I did. I was rewarded with this beautiful view as I reached the middle of the bridge.

Taken while I was on the hanging bridge. 🙂

A few more steps and I got over my fear. Of heights, that is.. hehe

And so we start the trail….

The start of the trail..

Another tourist kindly took this picture for us. Thank you!

The rock , as big as a dining table.

And there were bigger limestone rocks than this!

We walked for several miles more. And ended up at the river bank. Boy, was I glad to be there. The view was fantastic. I wish I could have saved it through the pictures I took but I know I didn’t. It was so beautiful we just sat there for a long time and enjoyed the place. John told me that this is his favorite place in the park… 🙂

Colorful trees beautifully adorned the river bank…

Beautiful ….

My most favorite picture during this visit.. 🙂

As we were going out, I saw this statue of an indian. I thought, maybe he’s the chikasaw chieftain which this park was named after.

The chikasaw indian.

A few miles away, we parked near this log cabin. And walked towards the lily pond. 🙂

On the way to the pond…

You know, I grew up in a big city which is filled with people wherever I go. If we want to commune with nature, we had to go to a private park like Eden Nature Park to enjoy it. That’s why I told John , probably a million times (lol), that I love his place. I enjoyed the parks, the trees and the peace it brings. It was so tranquil and quiet that it’s perfect for a vacation and relaxation…

On our way out of the park…

I may have said goodbye this time. But I will definitely come back for another trail one day.

So till we meet again…. 🙂

Lea C. Walker



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5 Responses to Tishomingo State Park

  1. Jane Walker says:

    I cannot wait to see you again and show you more of our beautiful land!


  2. sethsnap says:

    Beautiful pictures. My parents are from this county.


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