Puerto Princesa Adventure

To wrap up our Puerto Princesa trip earlier this month, here are some important tips that hopefully will help you when you visit there.

Going There:

As of September 2012, there are 24 domestic and international flights going to and from Puerto Princesa in Palawan. Infact, Cebu Pacific now has a direct flight to PP from Davao City, Philippines.

Where to Stay:

The website, www.agoda.com has been a really big help to me in all my travels. I have always had a good experience with them in all the hotels that I’ve booked through them. I read mostly the review because it helps when I’m researching on places to stay. Upon presentation of  Agoda’s voucher, everything just runs so smoothly.

There are so many hotels in Puerto Princesa. But the one in downtown area with a seaview is Sunlight Guest Hotel. So if you’re looking of something similar, then I would recommend it. If not, then there are others that will surely fit your needs and budget. 🙂


Along Rizal St., Puerto Princesa , there are so many restaurants to choose from. I’m afraid though that it’s mostly Filipino food.  We were told that La Terasse offers Western Food but the night we went there, the restaurant was closed. 😦 I don’t know why.

Another restaurant where most tourists eat is called Kinabuch’s.  The first time we ate there, John ordered baby back ribs. While I ordered shrimp. Mine was perfect. While John’s ribs were tough. It took him forever to chew on it, if you know what I mean. The 2nd time was better. He ordered beef caldereta. While I ordered binagoongan. Both tasted good. 🙂

Ka Lui is also another option. It’s a famous restaurant in Puerto Princesa. But it’s difficult to get an appointment.  During our trip there, we tried to get an appointment. But the available time was always 8:30pm. Errr.. we eat before 7pm, if we can. So 8:30pm is already late for us. 🙂

They have Jollibee there if you want to be on the cheaper side. And at the lower level of Sunlight Guest Hotel,  there’s a mall. So there is a food court that offers cheaper option.

John looked for burgers while we were there. But there’s no mc donald’s. hehe. That’s his default if he doesn’t know where to get a better option. There’s no pizza hut either. 🙂 Or Yellow Cab.

But there’s a pizza place at Baker’s Hill. So during your city tour, you might want to order from there and take it with you.

What to Do:

No. 1 in the list , of course, is the Underground River Tour. That’s the main reason why most tourists go to Puerto Princesa. To see the 7th Wonder of Nature. 🙂

Then, they offer the City Tour. Irawan Eco Park and Honda Bay.

If that isn’t enough for you, you may want to go to El Nido. But remember travel time is 6 hours from Puerto Princesa.

Also, if you want a good balinese massage – I highly recommend Tam of May Regulacion Spa. He’s a physical therapist by profession so you get more than what you paid for. For P400, you’ll feel so much better afterwards.  It’s on the 3rd floor of Sunlight Guest Hotel.


Puerto Princesa has two ordinances that you need to remember. The Anti Smoking Law and Anti Littering Law. They take these pretty seriously and you could go to jail for the 3rd offence. So please take note of these things. 🙂

The People:

We never felt unsafe there. I can’t speak for others but during our trip, we’ve met really good people there.

The Weather:

September is their rainy season. So during our stay, it always rained. So if you can schedule during summer time, it’s better. 🙂

My view of the Place:

Puerto Princesa is surrounded by sea and forests. I love the fact that they take re-planting of trees very seriously. So their air is a lot cleaner. Infact they bagged this award recently:


Also, their tricycles use 4 stroke engine. So you won’t be seeing smoke at all. And it’s not as noisy as the ones we use all over the country. I like that. A lot.

To read more about PP, this is their official website: http://www.puertoprincesa.ph/

To wrap up my Palawan Trip, I would like to say thank you again to everyone who made our vacation memorable. To our tour guides –  Ron, Joseph and April , thank you. 🙂

Lea C. Walker



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