Davao’s Black Taxi

Yes, Davao made it to the news again! 🙂

Mabuhay just recently released black taxis in Davao City with GPS and atm/debit card facilities through Bancnet and Megalink.

Sosyal  jud ang Davao! Grabe… 🙂

When Mayor Sara Duterte posted it in facebook, I felt really happy. The GPS device will track down the location of the taxi. Making it safe for the passengers. Since the company now has a way of knowing where the taxi went to.

Plus, with the ATM/debit card facility, drivers can no longer overcharge. This high tech system has a uniform flag down rate. And is being monitored by Mabuhay. Therefore, if you’re a newbie in Davao, with Mabuhay’s black taxi, you know that you were charged the right amount. 🙂

I’d like to point out though that our taxi drivers are more honest than most cities in the country. They’re very careful of overcharging, etc. Because our vice mayor, Rody Duterte, rides in taxis at nights and makes sure he knows what’s going on in the City. Therefore, taxi drivers in Davao can’t fool around.

Believe me, you don’t want our vice mayor , getting mad at you. 🙂 He loves Davao and loves Dabawenyos, but let him catch you red-handed and you’re in trouble. All of us know that here. That’s why Davao is “uber safe”, so to speak. 🙂


The theory is that black cars absorb more heat. In effect, the taxi’s aircon will have to work harder. Therefore, the taxi will use more diesel/gasoline. Of course, fossil fuel is not good for our environment. Maybe Mabuhay would choose lighter colors in their next purchase? 🙂

Also, be careful in using your debit card. What I don’t like about it is that sometimes, when the line is down, the system can charge you double on the same transaction. Therefore my suggestion is that, keep your receipt and check online the moment you get home if the charges are ok.  If you see double charges, email your bank immediately for record purposes. And visit the local branch the next day. The refund takes time. But you will surely get your money back.

Other than those issues above, I am so glad about this new development in Davao. 🙂

Mabuhay Dabaw!

You make me proud for being a Davaoena…

Lea C. Walker



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  1. Oh! This is cool! sasakay ako nito when I go to davao! Hehe.


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