Precious Garden Restaurant (Samal Island)

I’m glad to be blogging once again. 🙂
I was  (and still am) sick ,for about a week now due to viral infection. I was down with flu, cough and cold for a couple of days. Not a very nice reason to stay put huh! But I was happy, all the same. I slept most time and did nothing when I’m awake. So I was able to rest…
But we had to go to Samal today though to look at properties. We sold our residential lots last month so we had to scout for some new ones as its replacement.
That’s what led us to Precious Garden Resort and Restaurant in Samal. I found the billboard near the ferry port. So I recorded their number in my phonebook. When you’re in Samal, you will mostly find carenderias. In other words, it’s a welcome surprise to find out that there’s a new restaurant that offers Filipino, Western and Italian food.
The resort is about 10 minutes away from Babak proper, on a rough road. (Welcome to Samal huh? lol) I really wish that the local government would prioritize concreting their roads. And if not, just maintain it.. Tsk.. tsk..
Moving on, John and I had 30 minutes to spare. So I was really glad when the waitress said that our order will only take 15-20 mins. 🙂

John ‘s order.  He said that my beer-battered fish and fries were better though…  🙂 Ehem.. ha ha

I remember John saying: ” it disturbs me when you do that” , referring to the fact that I was taking pictures of our food. hehe.. I commented ” sorry, it’s for the blog”…

So that’s what happens when you’re married to a blogger. Forget about privacy huh! lol  I’m just glad that my husband is such a cool guy. 🙂

I ordered calamares. (That’s battered squid, to my non-filipino readers. ) I like its taste.. 🙂 For Php180.00 pesos, I thought it’s cheap.
Their restaurant was surrounded with huge trees. So even at 12:30 noontime, we didn’t feel the heat. It was kinda loud though because there was a wedding reception at the resort. But otherwise, resting and eating there would be great.
I was really impressed by their bathroom. It was squeaky clean! I just had to mention that because I think having a very clean bathroom in a restaurant is a must. Don’t you?

The bar counter.

                                                    The facade of the restaurant.
I was told that their pizza is great. But since we didn’t have much time to spare, we vowed to try it next time. 🙂
Precious Garden Resort and Restaurant’s contact details are:
      Tel. No. :  082 – 3032818
      Website :
After lunch, John and I proceeded to our appointments. I will not bore you with that. 🙂 But I’ll share with you some interesting photos I took.

This rest house was located near the property we checked. I just like its design. 🙂 It’s roof is made of tin and wood trusses. The walls and the porch  are made of bamboo materials. The stealth like posts are made of logs. I just found that really beautiful. 🙂

Ahh.. this carabao scared the hell out of me! haha.. I thought it was going to hit us. But I guess it got more scared of us when we disturbed his peace. LOL
                                                               Lea C. Walker

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3 Responses to Precious Garden Restaurant (Samal Island)

  1. Battered squid looks yum! Hope to meet you when we visit Davao later this year 🙂


  2. Lea says:

    Yes Gay, it tasted yummy! 🙂 Let me know when, I'd be happy to show you our city. hehe…


  3. Lea says:

    We've been to Samal everyday for the last 3 days. And I am sooo happy to announce that the road from Babak Poblacion to Brgy. Tambo is being worked on as of the moment. (This is the road leading to Precious Garden. ) From the looks of it, it will be concreted soon. :)Hopefully, the road to Tagpopongan and Aundanao will also be the same someday. 🙂


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