Best Nachos in Davao

I got an invitation to check out Patio De Murell in Palma Gil St., I remember being so happy about it. As a blogger, it’s nice to know that people actually read my blog. he he.. I know that my family and my best friends are my loyal readers. (Thank you!)  But an invite coming from someone else, I was ecstatic!

So John and I went to check the place one Saturday night. But since we’re not much of a night prowler, we invited our friends Ruby and Skip, to join us. Like us, they don’t go out that much too. So we thought, it’s a good opportunity to get together and have a fun Saturday night. 🙂

We all had dinner first in a restaurant within the same compound as Patio De Murell. The food is just so-so . And for the price, it’s not really worth it. Sorry…

Ok, we’re done eating. So let’s proceed to the bar, I said. But err.. it rained! haha.. It’s a good thing that it stopped after a few minutes. Thank God! I thought I was being jinxed for being so overly excited about it. ha ha..

Patio De Murell is owned by a Filipina, Ferlie Ann Murell. She’s married to a foreigner. Thus the family name Murell. And the name of the bar.

And yes, there are many foreigners in Davao. I told you it’s safe living and doing business here! Don’t believe everything you read in the paper. Sometimes, it’s exaggerated. Ahh.. but then again, I’m sure you know all that too. 🙂

When we arrived, I looked for Jong Menchavez. A few seconds later, Jong came with Ferlie. We chatted for awhile. Then Ferlie said, you should try our Nachos. That’s our specialty here. On the house.

Ok, when it was delivered by the waiter to our table, we couldn’t stop munching it. I am not kidding when I say, I will go back there just for the nachos! That’s how good it is. I found out that theirs is homemade and fresh from the kitchen. So that explains it, I thought…

Patio De Murell’s Nachos. Best tasting nachos I’ve ever had.

I guess, you just have to try it . So you will understand what I’m talking about. hehe

Ruby and I am not much of drinker. We both felt that our faces were flushed and red after less than a glass of blue margarita.

But it didn’t stop us from eating more of the nachos. And drinking a lot of water.

I will never be a bar hopper but I’m glad that I accepted the invitation because I’ve gained new friends with Jong and Ferlie. Plus I got to taste their homemade nachos.

Patio De Murell is located at:

Brick Lane Square , Cor. Palma Gil and Guzman Streets, Bo. Obrero, Dvo City

Tel. No. 2957531

They’re open from 5pm to 2am. Mondays to Saturdays.

Patio De Murell, serves both Filipino and Mexican Food.

Lea C. Walker

DISCLAIMER: This is not a paid advertisement. But we were given Nachos on the house. 🙂 The best nachos I’ve tasted,  ever!


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2 Responses to Best Nachos in Davao

  1. Jong says:

    Thank you, Lea! Glad you loved the nachos!!!


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