Pay It Forward

For the past 10 years, blessings have been overflowing. God has showered me blessings that I’ve never expected to receive and more. So my family and I have started to share a little to the lumads or natives in Buda.
This year though, our brothers and sisters , in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan City needed more help. So instead of going to Buda on Christmas, my sister Pearlie and I went to GMA and donated what little we can.
And so I would like to thank the following:
My sister Daisy who sent old clothes, bags and shoes from Tokyo. She does that every year for this purpose.
My sister Pearlie, for the noodles and a sack of old clothes.
My best friend Yvonne G. Salvidge, for the big bag of old clothes.
Mama for another sack of old clothes.
My friends, Emman and Michelle Queng for a sack of “chichiria” (fish and prawn crackers, etc.)
With all those, I just gathered the clothes that I will not be wearing next year and gave it away.  Bought a sack of rice, more noodles and packs of coffee.
Those aren’t much. But my family, friends and I am hoping that we’re able to help even in a very small way.
Thank you Lord for having spared Davao City from typhoons and other calamities.

                                                                Lea C. Walker

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