The Venue

Do you know that there’s a new floating restaurant in Davao City? Yes, that’s right! It’s called THE VENUE.
Last Saturday, I was one of the invited guests to the dinner party sponsored by one of the developers in Davao. It’s supposedly an incentive for those who had productions during the 3rd quarter of 2011. I was told that it will be at the ferry boat port in Km. 11, Davao City.
Well, we often go to Samal, so I knew where exactly to go. I’ve seen the ferry people work on this boat for months and finally it’s ready for business. 🙂
I was supposed to bring at least 2 people and since John can’t stand the noise (of the loud music) , I brought mama and my sister , Pearlie with me.
Let me share with you the photos I took.

Mama and Pearlie,  at the entrance of the Floating Restaurant.

The Reception Area.

Yours truly.. 🙂

The bar counter at the roof top. (3rd floor)

                       The dance floor was filled with people trying to relax on a Saturday night.

The ferry boat going to Samal Island.

                                                  The bar on the 2nd floor near the dance floor.
How To Go There:
If you don’t have a car, just take a taxi to the Ferry Boat Port in Km. 11, Sasa, Davao City. Once there, tell the guards that you are going to The Venue. They will point you to a separate gate leading to the restaurant.
Other Details:
Ticket Cost         : Php500.00 including dinner
What to Bring    : (other than money – op kors! hehe..  ) jacket or drape. Geee.. the sea breeze is so
                              cold at night, you might not like it!
Sailing Time      :  8:00 p.m. – 11 p.m.
                              (if you don’t like to be in the sea on a very dark night, then it’s not for you…)
Theme                :  It varies each Saturday. Sometimes it’s accoustic night. I think most often , they
                              invite a DJ for the party. So it’s really loud.
I’m not much of a party person and I can’t stand a really loud sound, so I guess once is enough for me. But for the experience, you should try it!  I think on accoustic nights, the soft melody of the song coupled with the cool sea breeze and good food, would be relaxing….
                                                          Lea C. Walker

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