Davao Oriental (Surfing And More)

It rained the previous night. So I woke up feeling cold. It’s 4:16 in the morning but I thought I was just on time. I checked and sent emails, prepared breakfast and got ready to meet my family. We’re going to Davao Oriental today to visit Lola Nene. Yey! 🙂 And look for some other missing relatives. Been searching for them for quite sometime now, but no one could tell us where they moved to. 😦  Sigh…
We left Davao around 7 a.m. Thirty minutes later, we were already in Madaum, Tagum City. I noticed the mountains covered with fogs and thick clouds. So I told Dandan to stop so I can take pictures. 🙂 That’s the photography addict in me. lol
              Madaum, Tagum City. (This is the same road going to Banana Beach Resort.)
Around 10:00am, we reached Lupon , Davao Oriental. We had to stop at the public market to buy rice, pork liempo and spices. We thought of having grilled pork for lunch. That’s easy to prepare so it will save us time. 🙂 Then we proceeded to Sumlog where my lola lives. Since it was raining, the farm was so quiet. Everybody was in their respective houses, probably trying to sleep. But we disturbed the peace.. ha ha.. So my aunts, lola and cousins went out to greet us. It was a surprise visit you see, so they had no idea we were arriving. Auntie Pauling said, why didn’t you call? I said, it’s not a surprise anymore! hehe..
While Dandan, Gerry and our other cousins were preparing lunch, a vendor came along. Bringing with him very fresh fish and squid. I love eating “adobong pusit” specially when it’s very fresh! 🙂 So I bought a kilo of those. Some for lunch and the rest for lola’s consumption. She’s already very old but she still works at the farm. She does not want to stay with us in the city because she misses her home. So we just try to visit her when we can. We were told a few days ago that she fell. And hit the floor face down. 😦 So her face got covered with bruises. She’s been falling a lot lately. So she worries us. Maybe her balance is off because of her age? I don’t know… John bought her a walking stick years ago and somehow it helps.
               Lola looks very fragile these days. Dandan and Blaire with her.
Time was spent for chatting. Kumusta-han, etc.. 🙂 And of course, I had to check my pigs. I was told weeks before that one of them is pregnant. So I was really excited! The last time we visited lola I bought 2 piglets because my aunt offered to take care of them for me. That’s her business, you see. She gets a share when babies are born, etc.. For me, I don’t know what I’m going to do with them. Maybe let them grow into a piggery or make a “lechon” (roasted pig) out of them. hahaha.. Gee, I should be more health conscious with my age now right? Masarap daw kasi ang bawal.. Hay naku!
Then it’s time for lunch. Everyone around joined us. So it was noisy and fun. lol
After lunch, we bade goodbye. Mama told lola that we’re going to look for our other relatives. So she prayed for us and our safety.
An hour later, the lead turned out to be wrong. According to the neighbors, my other aunts left years ago. And moved to a remote farm. We have no idea where. Maybe we will see them again someday, when we least expect it. Sometimes, life works that way..
Since it’s still early, we all decided to go to Mati, Davao Oriental. The kids wanted to swim in the beach. The rain stopped earlier so we thought , why not. 🙂
Finally we arrived in Dahican, Mati. I love the long stretch of white sand beach and its clear waters. But the waves are big. Blaire and Marco had so much fun watching the surfers that they decided not to swim anymore. Both are good swimmers but I think they got cold. It was windy , that’s why…

Riding the waves!

A pose with Pinggoy and Dagol. They said that they’re surfing because there’s no class that day. Both of them are now in 3rd year High School in Dahican. 🙂 I just had to interview them because I was so impressed! You’ll understand when you see the photos below.

See.. Pinggoy and Dagol were on air for a few seconds! Cool right? We vowed to go back there in the future and learn how to surf. hehe.. I wonder if my old bones can still take it. Blaire and Marco would love it, I’m sure. Matt and Franco would too, but they’re both studying in Japan…
Of course, our get-away would not be complete without picture taking right? haha

Family’s sandy portrait.. lol

Pearlie with Dagol in the background.

Pearlie and Wemce.

Nanay Ligaya and Mama.. My travel buddies. 🙂

Dandan, Gerry, Pinggoy, Ruben and Dagol.
You’d think we were done already right? 🙂 But no, we’re not.. Me huling hirit pa! haha
                                   Sunset in Punta Linao, Davao Oriental.

The grotto near the boundary of Dav Or and Compostela Valley.

                                             Punta Linao Road and rocky mountain.
By the time we reached Tagum City, it was already dark.
We thought that since we’re already there, we should do a side trip to see their famous christmas tree. 🙂 Why not right?!
                                                           Lea C. Walker

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