A Day of Respite.. at the foot of Mt. Apo. :)

Much have been said and written about Kapatagan. Camp Sabros for extreme zipline adventure. Lake Mirror for a mountain resort. The Art of Kublai which is nestled on top of a valley. Mine is probably the boring one. haha.. But it’s memorable to me because we witnessed the wedding of a family friend.
I woke up around 4:30 in the morning and prepared our breakfast. We were told that we had to leave early because Sta. Cruz road is being repaired and we might get stuck for a long time.

Freshly baked biscuits, bacon, egg and orange juice – prepared by yours truly. 🙂

So by 7am, we were already on the road to Digos. Contrary to what we expected, it did not take us long to pass through Sta. Cruz. True, the road is being repaired. But traffic was moving fast.

What we did not expect was how bad the road to Kapatagan was. There’s a stretch of more or less 8kms of their  road that is being repaired from the highway to Brgy. Soongon. So it is torn to pieces. John had to drive 30kms per hour to avoid mishaps.
Finally we found the concrete one. And then the rough one. And the concrete road once again. hehe.. For an hour or so, that’s what we experienced. Suffered the bumps and the shaking in silence. John jokingly said -“are we ready to go back yet?” .. Which Mama, Nanay Ligaya and I replied with “nope” in a chorus.
Kapatagan is actually 38 kms only from Digos City. Travel time just takes longer because of the road condition. But we didn’t mind it because we were entertained with the mountain views.
As we continue to go up, the temperature changed. The breeze became cooler so John turned off the aircon of our Starex van. Opened the windows , felt the cool air and inhaled the fog. Yes, it’s still foggy on top even at 9 in the morning…
For me, everything stopped for awhile. It’s a far cry from the city’s hustle and bustle. I thought, if I was in Davao, I’d be stressing with work… 🙂
I was amazed that water glistened and trickled down from the mountain beside the road. No wonder the people living there have flowing water in their houses.
Finally, we reached Kapatagan center. We were met by Dandan because we didn’t know where the church was. The wedding was at 10 a.m. I am glad that we were just in time. 🙂
Pearlie, Ruben and my 3 nephews left one day ahead because they had to take care of the balloons, the flowers, etc. I told her through text the other night that I envied her because she had the time to experience Mt. Apo during sunset. She told me that it was so cold, smoke come out of their mouths, everytime they speak. haha.. That reminded me of a hollywood movie during winter time. Or the picture which my sister Daisy sent me last December, while playing with the snow at her father inlaw’s farm in Tokyo.
Of course, it wasn’t as grand as that… But the people there told Pearlie that sometimes it’s so cold the mist would turn to droplets of ice. That sounded like hail? Pretty amazing to be living at the foot of Mt. Apo huh! 🙂
Wedding Memoirs:

John and Blaire.

The couple, Ronald and Shiela , being blessed by the priest.

The couple and the little kids … 🙂

John and Me, infront of the church.

The party planner, Pearlie and Ruben with Wemce.

I love their church. It’s open and it’s surrounded with huge trees so there’s no need for an electric fan anymore. There’s free cool air, all around. And their sound system was not so loud, it made the wedding ceremony very solemn and holy….

After the lechon filled lunch at the reception, I walked around the neighborhood. I saw earlier a garden full of “sayote”. So I looked for the owner and asked if we can buy the fruits. I was told that it’s only P1.00 / each. So I told her that I’ll take 20 pcs. I love sayote, I just don’t know why. hehehe.. Plus of course, there’s Nanay Ligaya. Mama. Pearlie loves it too. So 20 pcs were just enough for us. haha

My favorite – “sayote” …

Under the Sayote garden. 🙂  Mama, the neighborhood kids, Nanay Ligaya and Lynette.

The garden at the back of our friend’s house.

I would live there, if I could. Think of the fresh fruits and fresh vegetables I could get there. Then, the view of Mt. Apo and the hills, and the valleys… The cool air, the mist and the fog on my skin.. That sounds like a dream to me..

I am glad that I experienced Kapatagan, not as a tourist but as one of them. 🙂 Thank you to the newly weds, Ronald and Shiela. If not for them, I wouldn’t have experienced a beautiful day of respite and fun!

Lea C. Walker


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