Road Trip 2016 – (Tinuy-an Falls to Lianga, Surigao)

From Bislig City, Tinuy-an Falls , is a mere 10 minutes trip. It only takes longer because the road to this water falls from the highway is not paved. I think the right phrase is “not maintained”.

The place is so beautiful , it is a pity that the Local Government seemed to have forgotten the road leading to this very famous  tourist spot in Mindanao. As per conversation with the staff at Tinuy-an, I was told “ma’am, we already requested for maintenance long before the Holy Week and nothing happened until now”.  I find that so sad.  Hopefully, the state of disrepair will be acted upon before Holy Week of 2017. 🙂 We have Filipino time, after all.

Kidding aside, this part of Mindanao has a very gorgeous landscape.

Look at Lake 77. You will find this beside the road on the way to Tinuy-an Falls. The first time we went there years ago, there was a nipa hut there where we had our lunch. But like everything else in our country, no one maintained it. So now it’s gone. That would have been a nice spot to  rest for a few minutes and enjoy the lake.


IMG_5901 IMG_5898

Very beautiful right? 🙂

IMG_5897 IMG_5895

IMG_5891 IMG_5884


Finally, we have arrived. 🙂

Madayaw na Pagkani is the Surigaonon way of welcoming us, the tourists.  Couldn’t help but smile at that. Thank you.


So here are the 2016 Fees. We were there just March of this year. So this should still be the same to date.

We rented the big cottage since there were 23 of us, including our staff.


My model below did not cooperate. ha ha ha


Thanks to the hubby for this picture. 🙂


And of course, we came prepared. Yes there are carenderias in the area. But we preferred to have our own food. We just bought softdrinks from the stores there.

Our baon included Ribs Rebusado, Beef Steak, Pancit, Shrimps and Fried Chicken. Thanks to my sister for being the chef. 🙂 She also prepared mango float. If not for her, we will all get hungry. haha

My aunt , Nanay Ligaya brought bread and Puto Maya (my favorite and yes I am spoiled.. haha) . My secretary, Emelie , brought Biko. Solve na ang lunch! 🙂

After saying grace, lunch was served.

IMG_5859 IMG_5861 IMG_5860


The beauty that is called.. Tinuy-an Falls. It is tagged as the Niagara Falls of the Philippines. Of course, this is the smaller version. A lot smaller. 🙂 If you’ve been to Niagara Falls, you will understand what I am talking about.

Still, its untouched beauty is what I love about this place. Void of too much or too many developments, one can see how stunning it is,  in its natural state.


During rainy season, this waterfalls have a stronger volume of water. As it was summer time when I took this picture, there wasn’t much then.



Funny story:

We hired the raft that will take us under the waterfalls. It’s a short ride and the raft was tied in thick rope. So it wasn’t really scary. It’s just me and my paranoia.

The conversation: ( a few minutes later – under the falls)

Me         : Dong, how deep is the water here.

Raftboy:  More or less, 30 meters ma’am.

Me         : Oi, that’s deep.  (If you know how to swim, that is nothing. But if you don’t, you’ll get scared. )

So I told everyone in our group, we should head back. And then I talked to the raft boy again – “Dong, balik na ta. (Dong let’s go back). ”  He did not listen to me. So I repeated what I said. And after the 3rd time, he looked at my secretary. That’s when we all realized what was happening. Let me explain. Emelie holds the money. She was the finance manager for the whole trip. So you see, If I was the raft boy, I would have done the same too. hahaha… Bright kid!  Oh Lea, what were you thinking! ha ha

The one behind me in red shirt is Emelie. 🙂


This dragon fly kept on going back to me… Cute!


After the short raft trip , our staff decided to check out the nature trail. It goes up to the highest portion of the water falls.

With pretty lady, Analyn crossing the metal bridge.


The boys with Emelie. 🙂


Taken on top. Credits to Rey Velarde for this picture.


Back down below:

Analyn with my nephew, Marco. 🙂



Jener, Analyn, Blaire, Me, Tadz and Third , Marco in blue, Rey , my sister (Pearlie) and Wemce.  1689160_10208268482337274_494296429480182254_n[1]

My sister and family.  10274328_10208268489577455_2569599347626056899_n[1]

Cheesy. haha   Hubby and I. 🙂 Thank you Rey for this picture.

tinuy-an with John

We left Tinuy-an Falls around 3:00pm. The GPS said that it’s only 96kms to Lianga Bay, where Kansilad Beach Resort ( our home for a few nights) is located.

On our way to Lianga, we found this Bislig signage along the highway. 🙂 So once again, we posed for record purposes. ha ha


Regardless of the heat, we had to do our Duterte sign. Seriously! 🙂


Okay , what I’m going to say below is very important. So PLEASE TAKE NOTE.

PLEASE USE THE COASTAL ROAD. (The one highlighted in blue).

We took the middle road at first,  that comes out to Tagbina , following the GPS. Since it was supposedly a shorter route. What we didn’t know was that,  the road was so bad we had to go back after 30 minutes of driving there. I got worried too because the road was blocked by a gate. So weird. Why would a government  road be blocked by a bamboo gate?  This route was so eerie. Imagine being in a bad road, no houses and no people in the vicinity after 3kms or so. It seemed like a perfect setting for a robbery movie gone bad.

So take heed of this notice. Do not leave the concrete highway.

tinuy-an to kansilad


Our two hour trip to Lianga Bay turned out to be 3 hours. Because of that supposedly short cut road. I am just glad that we came out fine. Thank you Lord.

We arrived at Kansilad Beach Resort around 6:00 in the evening. There was still daylight when we checked in. That gave us a little time to rest before dinner. 🙂

The photo below was taken at the Restaurant of Kansilad Beach Resort.


This has been an adventurous day. We had so much fun, I can’t tell you how happy that made me.

Thank you for the protection Lord. And for this blessing.



Lea C. Walker


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