New York City – Night Tour

Okay,  Times Square is crazy at night! ha ha…

It’s difficult to move without bumping  other people. That’s how crowded it is. 🙂  But I guess that’s what  make it fun. To see other tourists waiting in a long line for a show.  Others are busy taking pictures of the huge lighted billboards, while some are busy hanging out with friends.  The locals were just in a hurry. Period. lol  I wondered if they were   going home or they have other destinations? Maybe both…

Ahh.. The City, that is …. New York,  New York .

I guess, ours was the boring one. As usual.  ha ha.. Remember we’re not young ones anymore. So you cannot expect a wild-er blog, ya know. ha ha ha…

On our first night, the first thing we did was walk towards Times Square. Our hotel is near according to the staff. For a Filipina who is so used to riding, 2 or more blocks is far! But walking is what New Yorkers do.  So there I was, doing what the “Romans” or should I say “New Yorkers” do.  Walk… lol

I just have to mention this, Aldo boots, other than being stylish,   more than served its purpose. Believe me, it’s very comfortable in walking. I loved the soft material inside. And the cushion it gave to my feet. Plus of course, it’s perfect for the cold.  You do not want to mess with the weather in New York. It is freakin’ cold.

A few minutes later, we found ourselves in 7th Avenue.  Across the Times Square Plaza is an AT & T store.  Yep, we bought a US Sim Card because it’s cheaper that way.  The $60 dollar package has an unlimited call, text and data. Yes, data! 🙂 That’s good for one month. To my Filipino friends, never use your roaming line. Unless it’s an emergency. Be very careful about it.  Believe me, you would not want to make that mistake!

If you’re going to be in the US and will be travelling for awhile, getting a US sim is a big help. Specially with directions. I used our data and built in gps during our road trip too. That’s another story though. 🙂 So make sure to continue coming back. hehe

US sim card, check. 🙂 So now we can call our relatives.  John took care of mom and his sister. While I checked in with my parents. I had to inform them that we have safely arrived in the big apple. 🙂 We installed a magic jack at mama’s house so she can connect with us or vice versa. And well, there’s Skype and facebook calls available these days. So you just need to educate your mom or dad about those and voila, communication isn’t a problem anymore.


times square 20141001_212202 20141001_212542 20141001_212552 20141001_214321 20141001_214331

We found this fast food on our way back to the hotel. John loved their pizza. And I was so glad I found some rice. ha ha.  I ordered roasted chicken with 2 side dishes. I said 1 rice and 1 mac and cheese. Geee… I forgot that their serving is big!  Needless to say, I left a lot of extra food on the table. I feel guilty doing that because there are so many people who go without. 😦



Times Square

My sister inlaw and brother inlaw met us in New York city on our 2nd day there. 🙂 So sweet of them! So we went on a night tour together. 🙂

Times Square.

IMG_7123 IMG_7127


Mr. Click – click. I think his name is Jaime, our tour guide that night. He was a really funny guy. Lol.  He’d tell us, prepare your cameras. You’re about to take picture of this and that.. That’s why he is called Mr. Click-click. ha ha  Everytime we see another tour bus (from their company of course), he’d tell us to shout what’s up?! Because of the other tourists looked sleepy. hehe… Can’t blame them, it’s cold when you’re on top of the bus at night, in New York during autumn.

IMG_7427 IMG_7426 IMG_7418 IMG_7416 IMG_7372 IMG_7129 IMG_7128


Look at the crowd outside Good Morning America’s set! Plus of course, Emeril and Ty, of Food Network were there.  🙂

We took this group photo after the tour.  It was fun! 🙂 Photo credits to my sister inlaw , Jane.  Thanks!


group photo times square



John’s Pizzeria came highly recommended. So we decided to check it out. 🙂 I’m glad we did because, their pizza tasted delicious indeed!

Loved their interiors as well. 🙂

IMG_7436 IMG_7435 IMG_7434 IMG_7433


Nearby buildings:

IMG_7432 IMG_7430

I mentioned in my previous blog the New York City Pass right? Tonight’s bus tour was free complimentary of the said pass.

Also, if you want to watch shows in Broadway, the pass comes with a discount. So if you are thinking of visiting New York City,  read my previous article. You will save tons of money. 🙂

Till next time my friends.. 🙂


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