Roadtrip Day 2 – Manila Ocean Park

Our second day was spent at the Manila Ocean Park. I have never been there. So I thought it would be fun to show the park to my nephews as well. 🙂

After the buffet breakfast at the hotel, we proceeded to check out. And headed to Manila Ocean Park. From Makati , where Prince Plaza II is located, we travelled about 15-20 minutes only. The GPS of the new car proved to be a very good help! If not for it, I’m sure we would have been lost. lol


manila ocean park

I made the bookings online. So we did not fall in line anymore. I found that so convenient because the Ocean Park had a full crowd. I just went directly to the counter and had the vouchers replaced with the tickets for the following: oceanarium, trails to Antarctica, jellies exhibit, sea lion show, birds of prey, fish spa and our lunch tickets at Liquid Buffet.

manila ocean park

Mama and Papa at the parking space of Manila Ocean Park.

manila ocean park

Marco looked so excited. haha

manila ocean parkMy other travel buddies, nephews Blaire and Wemce, with their papa. 🙂


manila ocean park

Don’t you just love these nemos? 🙂

manila ocean park

Sea horses. They look so cute. 🙂

manila ocean park

Lion Fishes.


Inside the oceanarium.

manila ocean park

manila ocean park

John, being his funny self. Again. ha ha

manila ocean park

I had to pose too, right?! lol


I loved this part of our Manila Ocean Park adventure. My nephews loved this too! 🙂

manila ocean park

IMG_4797 sea lion show IMG_4812


The main attraction with Trails to Antarctica is their Snow Village.  Since we have no snow in the Philippines, everyone was so excited to experience how it is. ha ha. The family loved it. But they all couldn’t wait to get out because it was like freezer cold. lol

I told them I felt the same way the first time I saw snow in America.


trails to antarctica

Trails to Antarctica



John and I experienced our first fish spa in Siem Reap, Cambodia in 2011.  That was fun! 🙂

I was glad that my nephews are so adventurous, they tried it as well. I couldn’t help but laugh when Wemce, the youngest one, kept on giggling. haha…

fish spa



You know, I’ve seen jelly fishes in their natural habitat. Remember our Bucas Grande Islands adventure in 2012? The stingless jelly fish sanctuary there is so beautiful and peaceful.

This exhibit is nice but I would prefer to see the ones in Bucas Grande again, given the chance.

IMG_4913 jelly fish


It is called as such because of this swimming pool beside the restaurant. Yes, you can swim. 🙂

Liquid Buffet

I couldn’t remember much about the food. We just wanted to get out of there because their sound system was so loud it gave me and John a headache. 😦  I really don’t understand that. I mean isn’t it nice to just eat in peace? It’s supposed to be a relaxing experience…..

Liquid Buffet

And of all places, I saw my high school classmate there. 🙂 So nice to see you again Joy!

Liquid Buffet


They have several eagles in a very large cage. It wasn’t that exciting for us anymore because we have the Philippine Eagle Center in Davao. And it’s a lot nicer than this one.

John tried to pet one. 🙂

manila ocean park

Our Manila Ocean Park adventure was a fun experience, all in all. What made me happiest was the fact that my parents and nephews enjoyed it as much as John and I did. So if you have kids, nephews or nieces, I highly recommend this place. It is educational and at the same time, really fun.

For more details of the Manila Ocean Park, please visit their website:

Thank you all for reading my blog. And come back again for the next installment of our Manila-Davao Roadtrip. 🙂

Ciao for now!




Lea C. Walker




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