Brown Out, Black Out.. Whatever!

I apologize for having been remissed on my blog. I had an operation last March and was ordered by my doctor to rest for a month. So I have been taking things easy since then.

The reason why I am writing today is the fact that I am so pissed off, like everyone else in Davao City these days, about the 6 to 7.5 hours of black outs. Yes you read that right, 6 to 7.5 hours per day. Unbelievable right?! But there it is, the incompetence of the government to mandate the power companies to serve the people better.

According to our local provider, Davao Light and Power Company, the National Power Corporation reduced again the supply for Mindandao. Therefore, they have no control over this issue –

“This is way lower than the Davao Light’s contracted supply with NPC of 280 MW, ” according to the news.

I am wondering,

a) how does NAPOCOR , get away with not following the contract they agreed and signed with DLPC?

b) how come Davao Light and Power Company did not prepare the people for this problem? Seriously… I assume they know that this is gonna happen months ago right? It is not right for them to just spring this on us during the hottest time of the year. Our car registered a high of 40’c / 104’f  a couple of weeks ago. Doesn’t that sound fishy and too convenient?

Ok so the powers that be in my country are saying that this is due to the decrease of  supply in its hydro plants. All right, I get that. But this is just my two cents, the National Power Company should have maintained, prepared and installed other means to counter these problems. They could have added more hydro powers somewhere in the Philippines. Or they could have tapped the natural gas supply found in Mindanao. Also, we have active volcanoes. Why not tap them for geothermal power?

But no, we were told that Mindanao should pay a higher rate or suffer for the rotating black outs. Question – how does paying more help? Does this mean that this was a plan after all? That if we don’t pay the higher cost, they won’t follow the agreement of “280 MW power supply?

Err… doesn’t that sound like a blackmail or an extortion? Tsk.. tsk.. Only in the Philippines.

DLPC on the other hand built a coal plant months ago. So I guess this is their way of preparing the people for a power rate hike. I wonder how much. Let’s see when they open it up come December. I am sure it won’t be cheap as coal supplies will come from … China? Yes, that’s what the news says. And you know these days, China and the Philippines are not in good terms due to  Spratly’s island. Bleak outlook in other words for Mindanaoans and Davaoenos. Sucks to be us huh?!

You know I love Davao. And I love Mindanao. But right now, I am not liking where we are going. The government’s inefficiency to  protect the people from greedy corporations is such a let down. 😦 Breaks my heart to realize that we are just really a pawn, who are supposed to follow what Manila dictates.

This problem could have been prevented by preparing  and installing better means to get more than enough power supply. But no, planning and preparation are useless words for Filipinos. It is easy to just do some repairs after all. You know, the money can just go somewhere else.

I feel aggrieved. Specially for all the businessmen in Mindanao. Can you imagine the production lost for a 4-5 hours brown out during peak time? Yes, peak time refers to working time.

The news said that Davao City alone is losing almost P50M per day. That hurts! Specially the small businessmen who are trying to make ends meet. How is this alright?!!!!

And right now, there is no rainbow yet. All we can see is a black tunnel that leads to nowhere.

Hey , someone needs to explain!

I thought the people are the boss of the Philippine administration? How come the people are suffering worst now than before?!

And we can’t even install a generator because this was so sudden, everyone who can afford to buy a generator set came looking all at once. Everyone tells me that it’s out of stock. We have to wait 2 more weeks for new stocks. And of course, pay for a higher price.

How I wish that Davao Light informed the subscribers prior to all this so we could have prepared better.

Honestly, how I wish to be in Alaska or Colorado right now…

And oh, those who plan to have their summer vacation in Mindanao these days, just come prepared. You are  forewarned. 🙂

Maybe you will understand where I am coming from. And why I sound so frustrated. ha ha




















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