Hey Fluffy!

From Wikipedia:

“Gabriel J. Iglecias (born July 15, 1976), known professionally as Gabriel Iglesias and comically as Fluffy, is an American comedian, actor, writer, producer and voice actor. He is known for his shows I’m Not Fat… I’m Fluffy and Hot & Fluffy. He employs storytelling, effected voices and sound effects in his act, whose other trademarks include references to his weight and his use of Hawaiian shirts. He has been called a “comedy genius” by Hector Saldaña of the San Antonio Express-News.”


I am a fan. I’ll just say that right now. ha ha.  John and I  have been watching his shows for about a year already.  And so when I saw  that he has a show in Colorado Springs at the same time we were on our road trip, I grabbed our tickets online immediately. I mean you know Colorado Springs is just a few hours trip from the Rocky Mountains. So why not, right?

We arrived at Colorado Springs late in the afternoon. So we decided to proceed  first at the hotel. Check in at The Marriott was like a breeze. It was fast and so easy. Upon booking, I asked for a room with Pike’s Peak view. And true enough, we were given one. The view was fantastic. 🙂 The room was large, spacious and very clean. It was definitely worth the trip and the cost!

We found out that there’s this steak house nearby that’s supposed to be good but inexpensive. So we went out and tried it.

Texas Tbone IMG_3171 IMG_3175

Dinner was really good. The steak was tender and delicious. I loved their salad too! For $30 ,  (for both John and me), I think it was indeed cheap. The order came with a basket of bread and butter, salad, soup and ice tea.

After dinner, we decided to go back to the hotel, as we were very tired from the long trip.




On our 2nd day in Colorado Springs, we spent most of the day at the Garden of the Gods. (I’ll write about that separately in my next post.)

Around 3pm, we went back to the hotel and prepared for Fluffy’s show.  After an hour or so, we were ready for the show. We left the hotel early so we can have an early dinner before the show starts.


It was supposed to start at 6pm but as early as 5pm, the parking space was already full. When finally the doors of World Arena opened, it took us awhile to get in because of the long line.

The venue was jam-packed. When Fluffy came out, the crowd went wild , started clapping and chanted, Fluffy, fluffy, fluffy….  It gave me goosebumps. 🙂

Then Fluffy started sharing. Some of the jokes he mentioned at first, I saw on TV already. But that night, he also introduced a whole new set of jokes and funny stories. That’s why we were not allowed to video the show. Taking pictures was ok though.

IMG_8496 IMG_8495 Fluffy

Gabriel Iglesias

Yep, we were sitting in the front row. I think I will not do that next time because we had to look up the stage. That was bad for our necks. lol Despite of it though, we really had fun. We laughed from start to finish.

When the show was over, he said his goodbye to the crowd. But to everyone’s surprise, he came back.  That was so awesome of Gabriel Iglesias to do that. We were told that there was an overtime of one hour. ha ha  It felt like he was just talking to friends. In this case, thousands of friends. lol


This is when someone gave him a drink. He said thank you and drank it.  A lot of people started bringing him more drinks but he said no. Obviously, in his other shows, people bring him cakes, etc. ha ha

I think it is safe to share this – he has at least 600 aloha shirts. Then one night, they thought a burglar was in the house because of the loud noise. It turned out that the built in cabinet broke down due to the heavy collection. LOL

Hey Fluffy

So  that’s me and my date during the show. 🙂

There was an authograph signing and picture taking with Gabriel Iglesias and his group  after the show. But we did not wait for it anymore. Plus I didn’t want to pay 60 dollars to buy souvenirs I don’t need. I told John, I was at the show. And I have pictures. So I’m ok. ha ha

Thank you Fluffy for a very funny night!









Lea C. Walker



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