Happy Mother’s Day

I wrote this poem almost 20 years ago for my mama. I am sharing this to all the mothers in the world who deserve to be honored, not just today but everyday of their lives.

I love you ma.



In your womb, you carried me
For years, you cared for me
You’ve been the light of us all
And our shelter from the storm…

At times, when I made mistakes
You comfort me with your embrace
Then pat my back and say
“Move on, my child and be strong”.
Now, as I spread my wings
I know you’re just there
Silently praying,
Steadfastly believing….

And so i’d like the world to know
How proud I am of you
That I wouldn’t be where I am now
If not because of you…

So let this poem be a gift
A thanksgiving for everything you did
Not only to me but for all,
Whose lives you’ve touched and blessed….





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Businesswoman. Realtor. Photographer. Traveler. Blogger.
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