Photo Of The Day – Sunset in Carmen


IMG_9364 - Copy

I took this photo on our way back to Davao coming from Tagum City to visit my uncle while he was in the ICU.

He died a couple of days later. 😦 So it’s been a kinda sad month for me.

Tomorrow, I will be admitted to the hospital as well for a minor procedure. Please join me in praying that everything will be ok. In Jesus’ name. 🙂

You know,  this picture reminded me that God is in control of everything. Sad or not, we just have to look at our surroundings and notice his blessings. The sunset came as a free gift from God, not just for me but for everyone who appreciated it.

Have a beautiful week ahead everyone!

Will continue my US Roadtrip blog  when I get out of the hospital.

God bless us all. 🙂



Lea C. Walker


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