Courtyard By Marriott

I was booking for hotels when I remembered that I haven’t written about my experience at the Marriott Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee. Hence, this very late post.

When we arrived in the US, it was 4 degrees Celsius. Imagine that at night,  with the wind blowing in your face. 🙂 That’s what greeted us when we went out of Memphis airport. John stayed with our luggages. While I tried to look for the Marriott vehicle. But I couldn’t find it.

So we went inside the airport lobby again and used their phone to call for the hotel. The person who responded told us that their driver was late. But he is now on the way. Fifteen minutes later, our ride arrived.

Marriott is an expensive hotel. So I was expecting a better service. It was kinda disappointing when you know, you’re tired from a 24 hour trip and the one who’s supposed to pick you up is late. 😦  Very sad right?

When we reached the hotel, the driver took our luggages inside the lobby. The check in didn’t take time. That’s what I love about Agoda ( Everything just works smoothly when I book through them.

Anyway, after check in, we waited for the hotel staff to assist us going to our room.

But we were only given the key and the direction on where to go. John and I looked at each other. Picked up our things. And carried them to our room.

Disappointed is an understatement. Never did I expect that Marriott’s staff are like that. Don’t get me wrong, they were nice. But I found them to be lazy. They could have given us a baggage cart but they didn’t even bother to do that…

When we reached our room, I was glad to see that it was very clean. 🙂 The bathroom was big and the bathtub was spotless.

IMG_2113 Marriott

The next day, John and I prepared early. We were expecting my sister inlaw that morning to pick us up.

The pool area which was closed that time due to the cool weather.

The pool area which was closed that time due to the cool weather.


We proceeded to the restaurant for breakfast. The service was fast. And I was so surprised to see their serving. The plate was so big and it was filled with food.  John laughed when I wondered how was I going to eat all of it. haha..

My breakfast at Marriott Hotel.

My breakfast at Marriott Hotel.

You know, I liked the place. The room was spacious and clean. But their employees need to be more helpful and accommodating. I mean seriously, it would be great business for them IF they have  better staff right? Oh well, Marriott is such a big chain that they probably don’t care anymore..

A month later, we went back to Marriott again. If I hadn’t book with them in advance through Agoda, I would have chosen another hotel near Memphis airport. But there it was. Once again, the service sucks. 😦 John and I carried our things again to our room. And did the same thing the next day when we checked out. But at least, the driver was on time in taking us to the airport this time.

Despite such a let down, I still had good memories. Because during our last night in the US,  everyone came to spend time with us at the hotel. Bitter sweet memories came rushing through my mind as I looked at the photos I took then…

John, mommy, my sisters inlaw Jane and Jean. And my nephew, Austin. :)

John, mommy, my sisters inlaw Jane and Jean. And my nephew, Austin. 🙂

Marriott  John, was messing with mommy so she won’t get too sad, during our last night in the US.

Mommy and John.

Mommy and John, trying not to cry when mommy did… Saying goodbye sucks!

You know, in the Philippines, our elders tell us to look for a husband that loves and respects his mom. Because he would turn out to be a good person and a good husband. I found one in John. Thank God!  Always…

We are going back to the US. Of course! 🙂 But I don’t think I will stay again at the Courtyard by Marriott….


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