S & R Davao

S & R Davao branch opened weeks ago. But with our schedule, it is difficult for me and John to visit the place considering the volume of people lining up (literally) for its membership.

So we both agreed to spare part of our afternoon to check what’s there before we decide if we want to be a member or not. Why? A) Because there’s a membership fee of P700.00 pesos.  B) I hate long lines. 🙂 ha ha…

And so we did that yesterday.

Here are the things that I found interesting:

They got freezers full of imported goods that I haven’t seen here yet. Needless to say, John was happy! 🙂



20130621_143046 20130621_143002 20130621_142908 20130621_142656 S & R Davao City

Montana Prime Rib Steak, etc. 🙂

S & R Davao City

This store is like a small Walmart. Or Sam’s Club in the U.S. But you’d know you’re still in the Philippines because of the loud music. And people with carts, parking in the middle of the lane to chat. 🙂

And of course, there’s no self check out counter. Believe me, I was so amazed by that the first time I saw one. Won’t work in our country because not everyone has a credit card or debit card. Plus of course, there will be a small percentage who will leave without paying. ha ha

S & R Davao Branch is located at the Corner of Maa and Mc Arthur Highway. It is just across NCCC Mall.

To become a member, you have to bring 2 valid government identification cards. And like I said, pay a membership fee of P700.00 .

I got a copy of the Membership Form but I am thinking of going back there in about 2 months. Maybe the line won’t be that long anymore by then. 🙂

Hopefully, they have more products also that time. You know, like Pillsbury Biscuits or Cinnamon Rolls? Ten minutes in the oven and you have melted cinnamon rolls in your mouth.  Ahh… that would be a dream come true. 🙂





Lea C. Walker





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