Happy Father’s Day :)

My father used to drink and smoke. Past tense, if you noticed. 🙂 Thank God!

But before he became a better version of himself, we all had to go through a very difficult phase in our lives.

He had a stroke due to high blood pressure. Since he didn’t like doctors and hospitals, we had to force him. By force, I mean we called for the hospital guard/nurse/ambulance etc just so we can take him to the hospital. I guess, that’s what happens when you have a stroke. Your brain gets muddled and you become paranoid. In my father’s case, he thought that everyone was against him. Thus , he trusted no one.

Upon reaching at the hospital, we found out that his BP reading was 240/180. And after the CT Scan, it turned out that his left brain had a blood clot and his right brain has an atrophy. Layman’s term on atrophy is that – part of his right brain was dying. 😦

We were told that it was a blessing in disguise that we took him to the hospital that day or it would have been fatal. We said we wanted to take him for days already but he didn’t want to until you know, we resorted to forcing him.

He was admitted for almost a week under the care of Dr. Marcos Ong, one of the best neuro surgeons  in Davao. Dr. Edward Cagape, being a friend to both John and I, came to visit and checked on him as well. Thank you both for all your help.

So there he was in his private room, wasting away. We thought he was going to die. You know when things like these happen, you remember everything. Since childhood to present. At least that’s what happened to me and my sisters.

We remembered that no matter how drank he was, he would carry rice and food at home still. No, he never forget those. And when our mother got sick, he always made sure that she had medicine. My father isn’t a saint. Far from it..  But he’s one of the best, despite his imperfections. Considering that his name is Perfecto.  🙂

It has been seven years since then. With maintenance, supervised by Dr. Ong still, he has fully recovered. He is able to move, walk, talk , like a normal person. No one would ever think that he went through that dark phase, looking at him now.

Plus he no longer drinks and smokes. That’s the best news there. My sisters are blessed with a better version of our father.

For that, I would like to thank God. He could have taken him right there and then. But He didn’t. He gave us more chance to love papa.

To Papa, thank you for all your sacrifices. If not for you, we will not be where we are now.

We love you Pa. Happy Father’s Day… 🙂

To those whose dads are still alive but you’re just not  talking to them, if you can, try. Time is running out for them. Tomorrow might be too late.

To my husband John and my sisters inlaw, whose dad (Pop) died last year. Hugs … Wherever you are Pop, I pray that you are happy. We love you too…

To all the fathers out there, happy father’s day.

Lea C. Walker



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