MAN OF STEEL on Independence Day

June 12 is Independence Day in the Philippines. It is a national holiday so that everyone can celebrate our freedom and to commemorate the heroes who died for it.

As we entered SM Lanang Premier, I could hear the blaring sound playing Tagalog songs. One of which was “Ako ay Pilipino” (I am a Filipino). It reminded me of those elementary days where we were asked to sing such in school. I wonder if the present generation still  knows it? I hope it is still being introduced in all Philippine schools, so the kids will understand how our forefathers died so we can have our freedom. And that they too, should stand proud for being a Filipino.

So why are we in SM, you ask?

A month ago, Therese of Smart Infinity emailed me a form for the Infinity-Imax card they are giving me..  It’s just one of the perks for being a Smart Infinity member. Most important of which is that you have a personal account holder who handles your phone line. It helps when you are always on the go. 🙂 In my case, I just call Therese when I have concerns and she handles everything with patience and grace.

The Imax card though will give me additional points everytime I use it at any SM Imax cinema all over the country. The nice thing about it is that I do not have to fall inline anymore. Plus I get to have free drinks and pop corn everytime I use it. Cool right? hehe

Smart Infinity Imax Card

Smart Infinity Imax Card

I was told to go at SM’s Imax Theatre before 2:30pm because they will be offering food and drinks prior to the Pre-Screening of the Man of Steel. And so we did. 🙂

You know, it really pays to come early. By 2:30, we were already seated and was just waiting for the show to start. The theatre filled up fast. Some members had a hard time looking for a good seat. If you’re going to have 3D viewing, I think it’s nice to be seated in the middle. At least, I prefer to be.

Then I saw Vice Mayor Al David Uy of Samal together with his wife. We’ve known each other for years since we do business there. They sat beside us. Which gave us a chance to discuss things about the island. Lol, yeah even in the theatre huh? Anyways, he mentioned that another ferry port will be constructed at Km. 13 in Sasa very soon. We all agreed that even if the fare will still be the same, at least the line won’t be that long anymore, once the new ferry boats to Samal open up to the public sometime in December. Nice right? 🙂 On a personal note, I have always liked him because, coming from a rich family and having a top position in a local government, Vice Mayor Uy is so down to earth.

Then I saw Mayor Sara Duterte. You know, the pictures don’t do her justice. At all. She looks a lot younger and slimmer. With her red blouse, she looked stunning.

I also saw Congressman Karlo Nograles. And the owner of MX 3, Gina Estoce,  who happens to be a client. We chatted for a bit after the show. Another client, Ms. Mimi Acosta was there too. We saw each other in the bathroom. ha ha

So finally, Man of Steel started. I didn’t read any reviews prior to watching the movie. I didn’t want to be biased, that’s why. I simply wanted to watch it with John in 3D and decide if I like it or not.

And the verdict, I like this version of Superman. Nahh.. I am not going to spoil it for those who haven’t watched the movie yet. 🙂 So I will not give you the twists and all…

I can tell you though that I have adjusted already to watching 3D movies.

The first time, (about 2 months ago) , I felt like Iron Man was going to hit me when he was flying. You could hear me expressing “ay..”  Lol .  That’s the beauty of watching a movie in 3D though, it feels so real. It seemed like I was a part of it. It’s cool once you get used to it. 🙂 John and I were actually worried it might give us headaches. But it didn’t…

The movie took more than 2 hours. It was almost dinner time when we came out of the Theatre. My sister informed me earlier that she’s taking the whole family to SM. That way the kids can watch the fountain show before dinner. After a short call, I found out that they were in Hukad. So John and I followed them there. 🙂

You know, sometimes we take for granted the democracy we are enjoying now. When I was in High School, I remember how it was during Martial Law. Oh, I didn’t like that. I am so glad that we have freedom now. My nephews can enjoy their young life without fear, etc.

So to all the heroes who made this possible, thank you very much.

To Therese,  thank you.

And to Smart Infinity, more power to you!

Lea C. Walker


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