Thank God It’s Friday!

Jack Daniel's Chicken and Shrimps.. Oh so good! :)

Jack Daniel’s Chicken and Shrimps..
Oh so good! 🙂

When we were in the US, I got introduced to Jack Daniel’s pulled pork. It was so delicious, I searched for JD sauce here in Davao so I can use it to marinate the meat. he he..

I was so happy when I saw from TGIF’s menu that they have Jack Daniel’s Specials. I ordered their chicken and shrimps. And I wasn’t disappointed. It was really good!

TGI Friday  has been opened in Abreeza , Davao for quite sometime already. But since we had a “not so good” experience at TGIF Mall of Asia in 2011, we never bothered to visit their Davao branch. Until a friend of ours mentioned that the one in Abreeza is actually nice, the food is good and the service is fast.

So we tried it once again. I’m glad we did because true enough, TGIF in Davao is indeed better. Plus there’s no blaring sound like you’re in a disco or something. You can relaxingly eat and enjoy your food. And have a discussion with your date. In my case, John. 🙂

Incidentally, he ordered TGIF’s famous burger. Their ad says they’ve sold 27,000,000 burgers per year. From looking at John’s burger, I believe them.  The burger has a thick patty  with bacon on top. It  looks  so scrumptious , I thought it was good. So that’s why it’s a best seller. He said, it’s the best burger so far he’s eaten since he lived in the Philippines.

The businesswoman in me made a mental computation. I mean, you know. 27M of burgers. That’s a lot of money right? LOL    At $1 each, that’s $27M . And the price is far from being one dollar!

Ok , so now you know how my brain works. And how our lunchdate goes. haha…

I meant to take picture of John’s order but I refrained from doing so. He gets embarrassed when I do that. hehe.. He understands that I like to blog but he hates it when I take photos of  the food. 🙂

The price is on the high side. But it is worth it.

TGI Friday is located in Abreeza Mall, J.P. Laurel Avenue , Davao City.  It’s on the back side so just ask the guard if you’re not from Davao. There are parking spaces at the back so it’s not a problem if you have a vehicle. Or just park at the basement.

002 001 Thank God It's Friday

Brownie Supreme. It is sinfully good..

Lea C. Walker


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