Banking Tips While in the US

One week before our departure, I emailed our banks that we will be using our credit and debit cards during our US Trip. I know replies from banks take time. But I wanted to have a written record of my request. 🙂 Incase there will be problems in the future.

To ensure that we will have monies while travelling, John and I visited our local branches and talked to the incharge in person. The officers then called up their head office and made sure that our request was recorded.

I’m glad to tell you that both our debit cards worked perfectly. 🙂

Between using the credit card and debit card, we preferred the latter because with a $500 dollar withdrawal per day, the bank charge was only $3 dollars. That’s cheap compared to using a credit card, where you will be charged per transaction. I don’t know how much because we didn’t use it.

Hmmm.. tried our BPI card with Eddie Bauer. But we were told that cards from Asia don’t normally work with their system. lol .. The cashier was nice enough to try it. And like she said, it didn’t work. So be prepared, make sure that you have cash in your wallet.

Don’t worry,  per our experience both BPI and BDO debit cards worked perfectly. We went on several roadtrips to different states, and we were able to withdraw everytime we needed it.

Note though, that some atm machines, specially the ones in the malls will only allow you to withdraw $400 dollars. So it’s better to go to the nearest local bank and withdraw from there so you can get the maximum amount of $500 dollars.

I just thought of sharing this with you because I have had clients who forgot to inform their banks that they will be travelling.  Once they used it outside the Philippines, the card companies automatically flagged those down. And locked it up to ensure the owners’ protection. That’s a lot of hassle to settle when you’re travelling. And very expensive too! Considering the long distance calls and all…

Ok, so I hope this article will give you an additional insight on  money matters while travelling. 🙂

Lea C. Walker


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