Crystal Shrine Grotto

A mexican artist, Dionisio Rodriguez, was hired by the owners of Memorial Park Cemetery to beautify the place. So in 1938, the construction of the man-made cave “Crystal Shrine Grotto” started.

The grotto is a 60 ft deep cave,  built with tons of quartz crystals, depicted the life and death of Jesus Christ.

The moment I entered the cave, I had goosebumps. There’s a tinge of holiness to it, specially when I saw the carvings on the wall of Jesus praying at the garden of gethsemane before his death. It was so beautifully done it felt like it was real.

Jesus at the Garden of Gethsemane before his death.


Like I said, the place was built of crystals, from white to green and black. Amazing, considering that it was hand carved and all… From what I read, it took the artist and his men about 20 years to finish this cave.

My photos don’t do justice to the place. But I hope I get to share it with you through them:

Dionisio Rodriguez’ legacy lives on. – In 1991, the place was listed in the United States National Register of Historic Places.

The famous, Last Supper..

Yours truly at the Crystal Cave. 🙂

Thanks to my sister inlaw , Jane and my brother inlaw Jon Boy, for taking us there! 🙂

My sister inlaw and brother inlaw. Taken at Abraham’s Oak, outside the crystal cave in Memphis, Tennessee.

Of course,  any  vacation won’t be complete without a pose right? hehe

Crystal Shrine Grotto is located at:

5668 Poplar Ave., Memphis, Tennessee

If you’re in Memphis, don’t forget to visit this place. It’s worth it and more! 🙂


Lea C. Walker


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