At 41 (Another Answered Prayer… )

I am now in the US as I write this. 🙂 So let me thank first and foremost, my immigration lawyer, Atty. Nicolas Caraquel for his  assistance. 🙂 Daghang salamat!


Tomorrow, 11th of October is my 41st birthday. No I am not ashamed to tell you my age. 🙂 God has blessed me so much all my life  that I believe it would be an insult  to hide how old I am…

One year ago, I had a prayer on my birthday. ( I wrote about it here –

No. 1 on my prayer list was for me to finally be able to get a visa so I can visit John’s family in the U.S.

I’ve been denied several times.  Three times to be exact.  The last one was on January 2012. That broke my heart because pop (John’s dad) died 4 months later. I still feel sad thinking about that because that was an opportunity lost for pop and I. We were supposed to go fishing together, among other things…

God in his goodness though , made a way for me. He sent help through Atty Nicolas. Rene,  to family and friends,  showed me where I made mistakes in filling up my visa application form. (I’ll write about some tips next time).

For now, I would like to thank God for giving me the whole month of October to celebrate my 41st birthday in the US. 🙂

It’s really cool.. Literally and figuratively speaking!

Literally, because for the 1st time in my life, I’ve experienced a low of 4″celsius. ha ha..

John kept on telling me that I will not enjoy my vacation because of the cold front enveloping most of the US as of the moment. But I told him, that contrary to what he thinks, I am loving every minute of it. I mean, you know, we don’t have a cold season in the Philippines. The coldest I’ve experienced is 18′ c in Buda. So wearing a long sleeve shirt with really thick jacket, socks and mittens , is a very new experience to me. I told him that it amazes me to see the sun shining so brightly but the moment I get out of the car, the cold wind knocks me off my feet. It’s like being in a freezer. haha

Outside Crystal Shrine Grotto in Germantown, Tenessee.

Figuratively, because I am enjoying the time being spent with mommy and the rest of John’s family.

At mommy’s frontyard .. 🙂

Plus fall is the best time of the year! Geee.. I have never seen such beautiful colors. Nature has taken it to a higher level here. When I arrived,  the leaves started changing their hues. After several days, they’ve turned into yellow, orange and red… Some trees looked like they’re on fire because of its flaming red color!

The start of fall.. Mommy’s frontyard in MS, USA.

I can call what I’m experiencing now as luck. But no it’s not. This is definitely a blessing from God. A birthday gift beyond my wildest dreams and expectations.

Thank you Lord for everything. 🙂

Lea C. Walker


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2 Responses to At 41 (Another Answered Prayer… )

  1. vic says:

    indeed a blessing!


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