Entree by Apo View Hotel

For a relaxing fine dining experience, Entree Restaurant of Apo View Hotel  is one of the best.

They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet.

In our case, we went to have dinner with friends, Francis and Sherry of Blue Carabao. Sherry is a very good chef too. But I’ll feature their restaurant next time. 🙂

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you would know that we don’t usually go out at nights. Except for important occasions.

Before 7pm , we were already parked outside Apo View Hotel. I remember telling John that I feel so blessed because there are so many Filipinos who are suffering now due to the onslaught of moonsoon rains in Manila. And here we are, about to have a beautiful night with friends. Couldn’t help but thank God for such blessings…

As usual, the food was excellent. 🙂 My most favorite, being their fresh shrimps, cooked to my liking. I only had to take it to the chef and the waiter delivered it to our table a few minutes later.

Fresh Shrimps. Entree Restaurant, Apo View Hotel.

As we ate, the singer started his piece. The piano played so softly that everyone clapped when he was done. Then, he started singing some of the 80’s mellow music. Songs like “I’ll always love you” and “When I fall Inlove” made our dinner not just beautiful but romantic as well.

Sherry and I had goosebumps…The singer took us down to memory lane.  We talked about our childhood and how we’ve changed over the years. Again, I’d say that God has been very good to me.

The place was filled with mostly foreigners. There was a time when Davao City was a scary place. That was more than two decades ago. But thanks to the,  then mayor  Rody R. Duterte, everything has changed. Davao became one of the best cities in the Philippines. Yep, we talked about this too , among other things during dinner. 🙂

Seriously, I don’t understand why the media or the people who do not come from Davao say ridiculous things without doing some research first. I just find that  irresponsible of them, writing or airing an article , not really knowing the real score.

We, Davaoenos , are so proud of our city because like I said, it is one of the best. It is a safe haven not only to the locals but also to our visitors.

Oh well, can’t please everyone, I guess. So I’ll just concentrate on the dessert instead. hehe

The Sushi Bar.

Cherry and Chocolate Mousse.

To Francis and Sherry, thank you for a wonderful night of friendship, music and good food. 🙂

For those visiting our city,  you can find the details of Apo View here –


Don’t miss this when you’re in Davao. I promise you, you will enjoy the experience. 🙂


Lea C. Walker




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5 Responses to Entree by Apo View Hotel

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  2. Hey Lea. 🙂 Thanks for coming to Apo View Hotel. 🙂 That’s really nice of you to make an Entree post. 🙂 I hope i was there when you visited us. 🙂 we could have talked even for a while. 🙂 Hope to bump with u in one of your visits here. 🙂 ENJOY Kadayawan Festival. 🙂


    • Thank you for visiting my blog Olan. 🙂 I love the fresh shrimps there! So we visit Apo View from time to time.. hehe. Saka, pakisabi dun sa singer – ang galing niya… 🙂 Thanks again! See you sa kadayawan. I will be taking pictures during the parade. 🙂


  3. Jana says:

    Good morning! Buffet po ba ang how much per pax?


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