Here Comes The Rain Again…

It’s raining in Davao as I write this.  But ours is nothing compared to what’s going on in Manila.

Looking at the photos online, it breaks my heart to see people suffering from the flood. Some of them are already on the roof, waiting to be rescued. I wonder how cold it must be for them. What about their food? True, there are so many donations, but what good is that if it’s impossible for the rescuer to reach them. What about the children and our kababayans who died. And their families who cannot even mourn because their houses are floating…

It breaks my heart.

I am sure, yours too…

According to the news, Manila has experienced a torrential downpour of rain. The normal volume is 500mm in one month. But 300mm of which , poured down in one week. And so the dams overflowed , buried Manila and its nearby provinces in murky , dirty and dangerous waters.

This has happened several times already.

But I guess we never learn. Or maybe, most Filipinos just don’t have the option to leave their homes and start all over again.

In a perfect world, there are no illegal loggers. And so we have trees to hold the overflowing waters.

In a perfect world, garbages are not thrown everywhere. And so the drainage canals are not clogged up. And is working properly.

In a perfect world, there is no global warming.

But since our reality is far from being perfect, here we are wondering what to do to fix the problem.

Makes me wonder, how long will Manila last , from the onslaught of natural calamities. Good for those who can afford to leave. I feel bad for those who do not have the option to move out and transfer somewhere else.

This is so sad… There’s this feeling of helplessness, knowing that there is nothing we can do once nature brings her wrath upon us.

And so we pray. For God to stop the rain. And for the water to subside.

But more than that, I pray that all of us will learn to become a better “caretaker” of all the resources that God has given us. Including our nature.

We only have one planet, so maybe it is time for us to love her back… Maybe, it is not that late yet


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