Samal Island (Day 3)

Saturday, 7 April 2012:

The sun shone brightly today….
Infact, it’s orange color made a beautiful contrast to the dark  sea. And yes you’re right, I woke up really early again. 🙂
This is our third day at the resort. I’m glad that even with the rain last night, we all slept very well… I laid down in our make shift bed and the next thing I knew, there’s daylight already. 🙂
Some of our guests and two of my staff  are leaving today, so everyone rose up early too. The mall , where our display booth is , will open today. Therefore Amor and Tadeo, our booth incharge, had to leave. Do you know that the malls only close on Good Friday? And that means, if you’re a tenant,  you’re open 364 days / a year too. 🙂 Pretty tiring huh? But then again, that’s business.
After breakfast, John and I brought everyone who’s going home, to Babak, the district where the ferry port is. We went the other way this time, passing through the barangays of Tagpopongan and Balet. The trip was only 19.2kms. But it took us 1 hr and 30 minutes to reach Babak because of the terrible road. The holes on the road are so deep in some part, I got scared it would rip out the bottom part of our Nissan van.
It seemed to me like the local government has forgotten this side of the island. I mean, seriously. The road didn’t look like it’s been cleared or bulldozed for years! So I don’t know what is going on… Samal is a tourist spot. And I’ve seen a lot of resorts in Tagpopongan and Balet. So I don’t understand why the roads haven’t been repaired or maintained? That’s just too bad… And so sad. The rainy season will make it worst. I pity the constituents living there. 😦

The view is fantastic! 🙂 But the road sucks… Please LGU of Samal, fix the road of Balet and Tagpopongan. It’s such a waste if tourists opt not to visit this place because of the road condition…
After taking Amor to the bus station and the rest to Hagimit Falls, John and I stopped at Central Warehouse Club in Penaplata to purchase cooking oil, softdrinks and bottled water. And then off we went to the resort… This time, we used the Tagbitan-ag route. The drive is shorter (12kms = 30 mins). The road is also rough but this can be considered well-maintained compared to the Balet-Tagpopongan route.
We arrived at the resort around lunchtime. John had pork chop sandwich. While I mostly ate driedfish (Lagao) sauteed in garlic, onion and a lot of tomatoes. That, really was a very good lunch for me. I seldom have this chance to eat driedfish because John can’t stand the smell. But at the resort, our dining area has a wide open space with free flowing breeze. So it didn’t bother John at all. 🙂
This was our dining area at the resort. 🙂 It came with a beautiful view of the beach! Pretty sight huh?
 I fell asleep in the hammock today! 🙂  How could I not, the place was so peaceful and the sea breeze was amazing… The place is covered with big trees so there’s shade all around. Perfect for relaxation, indeed!

The view from the Cabana. 🙂 This is how it looks like from 8am to 3pm.

By 4pm, here’s a sample of the wave. I don’t think I can handle a small boat this time. hehe  But since most of the locals there know how to swim, it does not bother them! At all…

Pearlie, into facebook through her phone. haha..  I “sort of” ignored my phone for 3 days now. 🙂 Checking it once a day only, that is…

John and Me. We’re like coffee and cream. haha

Restful vacation… John seldom has time to read a book. I’m glad he did this time. 🙂

By sunset, this is how the beach looked like. You can ride the waves now with a surfing board.  🙂

                                         Ahh… life is hard. Very hard, indeed….LOL
I prepared hamburger for dinner for all of us. While, Dan and the rest of the cooking team (Boyet, Manong Osting, Jade, Orly and Dave) grilled the remaining pork butterfly I bought.  The kids loved my hamburger. haha..  Marco my nephew, said that it’s better than McDonald’s. hehe.. I said, of course. Ours doesn’t have a commercialized burger patty eh… 🙂
It’s our last night at the resort. Everyone felt sad. This beach life is so wonderful I could do this for the rest of my life. 🙂 My other nephew Blaire tried his best (he’s a special child) to tell me that he wants me to build a resort and let him be the caretaker. hehe.. I said, ok. Let’s ask God to grant that prayer…
                                                 I wonder what Blaire was thinking? 🙂
                                                             Lea C. Walker

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