Samal Island – Day 2

Friday, 6 April 2012:

I woke up to the sound of the birds chirping… I thought I was just dreaming, then I remembered that I was still in Samal Island. 🙂
Last night wasn’t a very comfortable one. Remember when I said previously that we were told the resort can accomodate 25 people? 6-8 people per room and the rest in a dormitory? 🙂 LOL. I chose to laugh over those words… Let me explain.
The cottage has a small but open living room. You go up 3 steps and that’s where the 2 bedrooms were. One bedroom is good for 2-3 people. The 2nd bedroom can accomodate 2 people also. But with a mattress on the floor , can sleep a total of 5. And there were 25 of us. 🙂
The dormitory turned out to be the pavillion. With a mattress of Php50.00 / each, that’s your bed for the night. Imagine, John’s reaction. haha.. If you can only see his face….
It’s a good thing we brought 2 tents with us. Our male helpers said they’ll sleep in the tent. Then we rented 3 more tents from the resort (at Php250.00 each) . Theirs were big tents so it accomodated 3 to 4 people each.
Pearlie and mama with the kids slept in the 1st bedroom. While Grace and Anika slept in the other bedroom. Amor and Janice slept in the mattress on the floor of the 2nd bedroom also. They slept well because those have aircon units.
John and I slept in the van. haha.. You know, for the 1st time, I was so glad that we have a Hyundai Starex van. John rearranged the chairs into a “queensize -like” bed.  With a mattress on top of it,  problem solved. The seats of the starex are so comfortable. So when it was adjusted into a bed, we were able to sleep somehow.
I kept on waking up though because with the backdoor and the main door open, I was scared that an “aswang” might hover over us, specially with the balete tree on top of the mountain across the resort which I can see clearly from the van window everytime I open my eyes. hahaha… I know I am crazy!
                              The balete tree fronting the resort. It gave me a sleepless night… hehe
So that’s how I ended waking up with the birds singing. With that amazing sound, my morning started beautifully once again… You know, looking at the bright side of things is always wonderful. I could gripe the whole time or choose to enjoy what the rest of the place has to offer. And I chose the latter. I am thinking, I could be somewhere else having the worst time of my life. But God brought me to the beach instead. 🙂 So yes, I consider myself so blessed…
After my morning ritual (brushing , etc.) 🙂 , I picked up my camera and walked to the beach. I am waiting for the sunrise! The water looked so inviting, with it so calm and clear. But I’ll wait for an hour or so before going in. The water is freakin’ cold! hehe…
              See.. how can I gripe? With this beautiful sunrise comes a beautiful day….
I just sat in the bench basking at the beauty infront of me. I said a little prayer of thanksgiving for the gift of family and friends. For his protection. And for the many blessings he’s given me.
I am exposed to a lot of stress with my work. But at this moment, I am at peace. And so I thank God for it.
Then I heard someone calling me, saying that breakfast is ready. We had fried rice, fried egg, chorizo and fried “bulad bolinao”. Omg.. I am so happy we have dried fish. I have not eaten one for months now. 🙂 After preparing John’s breakfast of  biscuits with bacon, we all gathered at the table and ate.
After breakfast, almost everyone went to the beach! 🙂

John with Cholo. Marjun was busy looking for nemo. haha

This is the ramp infront of the cabana. Everybody’s having a good time! 🙂

Me at the cabana. hehehe…

 Manong Marcelo with his son. They’re cleaning the sea urchins. For the first time, I tasted sea   urchins. And they’re good! Specially with vinegar and salt. hehe

Sea Urchin meat…

Having a picnic beside the beach.. With sea urchin as “pulutan”.

Using the zoom of my camera, I got this photo of a cargo ship from afar. Mountains of Pantukan, Davao Oriental in the background.
You’d think that the day is done right? But no, there’s more… hehe

Syrup made of coconut milk and brown sugar for BIKO!!! yehey….

John looking so red after going to the beach. 🙂

Mama. 🙂

Our friend Grace and daughter, Anika. With Amor.

My sister , Pearlie and brother inlaw, Ruben.

Preparing for lunch. Dandan, Amor , Emilie and Pearlie.

Emelie, my secretary  and family. 🙂


I had no idea what kind of banana was this, so I asked the caretaker. He said, that it’s “Saging Tindok”.  Hmmmn.. so this is it, I thought.  Visayan mythology says that if you wait for its flower to open on midnight of the full moon, and whatever is inside the flower will go directly to your mouth, it will give you the power to see the evil spirits around you. And be able to fight them. I grew up with that story. But I don’t know if it’s true. haha…

I was thinking, I am not interested. Gawd, waiting outside alone during the full moon. Not gonna happen! LOL Besides the so called power will make you somewhat like the “ghost buster”.. Never mind.. he he…

My day ended slowly.. But that’s what this vacation is. To not do anything. Except go to the beach, relax.. Eat.. relax.. hehe..  Plus I got the chance to eat biko and dried fish.. I am happy. 🙂

Full moon above the cabana.. 🙂

                                                             Lea C. Walker

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