The Road To GenSan

For those who are wondering how’s the road condition going to General Santos City  (commonly known as GenSan), I prepared a photo essay for you. Here’s hoping that it would help your travel plans going there. 🙂

We left Davao City around 5 a.m. today. We had to make sure that we got there during office hours because we were targeting businessmen and employees alike for our caravan. Our way of promoting the real properties we’re selling in Davao City. Oh yeah, like you, I work hard too. hehe

So enough business talk. I did that the whole day today!


             This was taken in Digos, Davao Del Sur.  I love the big trees beside the road.

                                 Outside Digos, you’ll see this beautiful rice field.

             Roads are being repaired. So you’ll see lots of these on the way to GenSan.

    The view as we start heading up. This area is called “otsenta”. It’s 80 kms from Davao to this point.

 Ooops.. there’s a landslide. 😦  Not to worry though, I’ve seen government workers, making drainage system. Water runs down from the mountain everytime it rains. So hopefully with the drainage system
in place, the problem will be solved!  Ok so at least we know where the taxes are going. 🙂

                    Malungon Gamay. 🙂

              I like this field in Malungon Dako. 🙂


Davao to GenSan is more or less 140kms. So that’s about 3 hours or less using private vehicles. If you’re going to commute, it might take longer because buses pick up passengers from time to time. And yes, there are buses travelling from Davao to GenSan 24 hours a day. Passenger Vans too. 
I fell asleep mostly from Davao to Digos. I remember John waking me up and saying that people are waving at us. haha.. I told him that those are passengers waving for the van to stop, thinking that ours is a passenger one. hehe..

      The business district of GenSan. I am so happy, we gave away thousands of fliers. I’m hoping that
they’ll come back to us. 🙂

 SM is everywhere! 🙂 They’re building a new one in GenSan now. I just wish they would put a garden inside the mall, just like Green belt huh?!

          Ahh… Robinsons in GenSan is bigger than the one in Davao! 🙂 And they got nice things there



 We stopped at Cliffhanger in otsenta, a restaurant with an overlooking view of the sea and Digos. We just bought water (had lunch at Jo’s Chicken Inato in GenSan already 🙂 , so we can have  a photo op. haha

     Me and my sister Pearlie. I borrowed 5 of her workers to assist us in giving away fliers. 🙂

           The view is fantastic! Grabe………. Just by looking at it, relaxed na ako. 🙂

          Cholo, Pearlie and Ruben. 🙂  I miss you mattskie! Dapat uban ka unta no? hehe

                                                         John and Me ðŸ™‚

                                                   Before reaching Digos.

                                           Banana Plantation in Digos.

So is going to GenSan safe? Of course, it is! I told you Mindanao is such a beautiful place. And no, our place is not a killing field. Contrary to what the news portray. You’d think all of Mindanao is  scary. Gawd, that’s the funniest thing ever! LOL

Like I always say, true there’s a small portion that even I would not go. But of most of Mindanao is a beautiful haven that’s just waiting for us to make our own adventures…

PS. I did not see Manny Pacquiao. hehe..

                                                                    Lea C. Walker




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