I would have wanted to write this down weeks ago but time had been very hectic. I’m glad I couldn’t sleep early tonight, so I got this chance to blog about my visit last month to Greenbelt Mall in Makati.
Until now, I am still in awe of the place. That sounds so shallow right? lol  But it’s true!
Manilenyos probably take it for granted because you know, it’s just there. They can go to Makati anytime they want to. But I am  a “promdi”!  haha.. For my non-filipino readers, that’s our local word for “from the province”. 🙂
Ayala, the developer of Greenbelt, had a masterplan. When they built the mall, they wanted nature to be a part of it. Hence, the name greenbelt.
So even if you’re inside a mall, it still feels like being in a province with huge trees , ponds and waterfalls. There’s just another world out there… I’m glad that there’s still a shade of green in the middle of these high end developments.
I hope the pictures I took will somehow show the beauty I really admired…

The road to and from Greenbelt.

The garden in the middle of the mall with fountain and waterfalls.

Another garden with a Koi pond.

                                           Ain’t it beautiful? 🙂
The Church:

This chapel was in the middle of the mall. Underneath it is a koi pond which blended beautifully with its landscape.

                               The pathway leading to the chapel.
The Mall:
            I just found this cool.. Pretzels, prepared infront of you! 🙂
                      This is just one of the many outdoor restaurants in Greenbelt.
I loved it!
I hope that someday we will have a mall like this in Davao. Abreeza is owned by the Ayala’s also. But boy, there is no comparison at all!
If you’re in Manila, try visiting Makati and Greenbelt. The place is so different. Wonderfully different, that is… 🙂  It reminded me of Orchard Lane in Singapore.
                                                         Lea C. Walker

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