Valentines in Eden

Eden Nature Park had a valentine’s promo. An overnight stay included a serenade while having dinner. Romantic right? John told me to book a room and avail of the package. I was grinning. 🙂 Who wouldn’t? With my wonderful husband and in a beautiful place like Eden, it’s just perfect!
Then, I realized. February 14 fell on a Tuesday. I have an 8am appointment the next day. So that means, overnight in Eden is impossible. hu hu…
Oh well…
So in lieu of that, we had an early celebration last Sunday. Not as romantic as the original plan but with the sumptous lunch , a walk under the trees, photo op with the butterflies and listening to the sound of the birds at Eden’s aviary.. With John. I couldn’t ask for more. 🙂


      The buffet lunch was good. As always. This time, I tasted something new. Their apple and coleslaw salad. It was really delicious, like a dessert. Although it was meant as a vegetable salad. 🙂

The vegetables in their salad bar are grown in their own organic garden. So it’s really fresh.

Another thing I loved was their beef caldereta.

Dessert consisted of Lychee Gelatine, banana cake, and fresh fruits. There was something in a small glass with fruit, toppings and cream. I don’t know what’s the name but it tasted good! 🙂


     John loves birds. While I love singing to our birds. haha… Works perfectly right? Anyway,  after the heavy lunch, we both decided to walk around. And headed towards the aviary.

There’s nothing special with this bridge. But I just love the whole composition of this picture. It looked so relaxing to me. A rustic old bridge with huge trees and its cool breeze… Hmmm…


       I so love this place. I just wanted to sit down and feel the cool breeze on my face…

I don’t know what this flower is called, but I like its color. It’s beautiful right? 🙂

 So if you still don’t know where to go on Valentine’s Day. Leave the city and head towards Eden. 🙂

                                                            Lea C. Walker


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Businesswoman. Realtor. Photographer. Traveler. Blogger.
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3 Responses to Valentines in Eden

  1. Hi Lea,
    Thank you for your blog about Eden. We will be happy to see you visit Eden again.
    Celia Urgel-Sutton


  2. Hi Celia,

    Just want to share this video with you. –

    The photos I used here are from the ones I took in Eden Nature Park. Enjoy my version of “A Long and Lasting Love”.

    Thank you.



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