Sick and Bored…

La la la… la la la… la la la…

Yes, I am so bored. I’m not used to staying home for days doing nothing. Gawd… this is killing me! Let me tell you why…

Wednesday –

I met with an expat looking for a house to rent. So I showed him 2 of the houses that fit his requirements. The problem was it rained the whole day. So while I was showing him the  houses, I got wet.  (John told Boyet, our driver, to hit me on the head with an umbrella next time..) LOL. Can’t blame him. It’s difficult to raise a child huh?! haha

Thursday   –

Life continued. That means , work galore , like nothing happened. I thought that the   “arthritis-like” pain in my body was just due to old age. You know, when you’re 40 and all.  🙂

Before the day ended, I called up Grace ( a friend , married to another foreigner) and asked her if she wanted to watch, New Year’s Eve with me. I’m glad she said yes  because I so love the movie. It’s heartwarming and like any chick flicks , has a happy ending… Did I tell you that I hate movies with sad endings? You know, like one of the  major actors/actresses die? Errr… it’s supposed to entertain me! Not make me cry.. So yep, I hate one like that.

So John, Gary (Grace’s husband. He is also an American, like John), Grace and I had had dinner in Abreeza. I love the smoking hot bangus in one of the stalls at the food court. Sorry I forgot the name. But when you’re in Abreeza, check that place. You won’t regret it!

Grace and I went  to Theatre # 3 for the pre-screening of the “New Year’s Eve”. We were given popcorn and ice tea before they let us in. 🙂  Thank you  Smart for the tickets. ( Therese, thank you for being patient with me. And for bringing the invites to our office when you were sure that I couldn’t meet you.. Really appreciate it!)

After watching the movie, John and Gary  met with us. You know, I really thought they would go somewhere for 2 hours and maybe drink a couple of beers.. But I was surprised that they just stayed in Abreeza.  I found out that they just went to the hardware store. (That’s like shopping for us, girls!) And  Abreeza Residences’ showroom.
I am glad though because that’s when I started to get really sick..
Going to the basement parking of Abreeza felt like a punishment… I was so glad when I finally sat down in the van and rested my feet. Then, I started chilling. I was so hot but I got chilled to the bones. Gee..what a terrible feeling. I can’t remember the last time I got that sick.
By the time we reached home, I was already half asleep. I remember John giving me Ibuprofen before going to bed.


Friday  –

My fever went up to 38 degrees. But after that, the fever broke. But the stomach cramping started. Also the d…rrhea.  So I couldn’t leave home. It’s making me feel like I am under house arrest. What’s worst is that I have no appetite. I’m not even hungry. Weird…
So I just slept. And watched tv. And cried over an old movie – “Hachiko”. It’s a story of a dog in Japan who loyally waited for his master at the train station for 10 years until he died. He didn’t understand that his master died and is no longer coming back. So he came back day after day, sat at the same spot and waited.. . Really sad right?  So the Japanese made a statue of Hachiko at Shibuya Train Station in Tokyo, Japan for his loyalty.
I thought that I’d go there and take a picture of him when I visit  Japan someday. (John laughed when I told him that. ) I mean, you know, I’m sick and yet I’m still thinking of going somewhere else. haha..
Sunday – 5:00 a.m.
I’m feeling a little better now. To: Dr. Cagape, thank you for the meds. It’s helping..
I seldom get sick. So it came as a surprise. It’s very inconvenient though. I had to cancel my appointments and all…
I’m just glad that it’s almost over. I’m praying that I’ll be fine in a couple more days. Being sick on Christmas just does not work! And I wish that the stomach cramps would go away too.. 🙂
I am so glad that I have an online diary where I can babble and share my thoughts.. Life is good. And I should not complain. 🙂
                                                          Lea C. Walker

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