Rebonding… (The Allan Alforque Way)

Ha! I am so happy. 🙂 I finally had the chance to have my hair done. Vain right? hehe… But if you’re a woman, you will understand….
If you noticed, for months now, I’ve just been tying my hair. That’s because it needed much help and since I cannot sit for a long time (5 hours at least) to do this hair “thing”, I had no choice but tie it into a knot.
So yesterday, I had that chance. And I chose to go to Allan Alforque Salon in Torres St. It’s my first time with them so I had no idea what to expect. Except that I hear his name on tv often. Since he’s famous, what could go wrong?! Plus of course, they’re having christmas promo. So clients get really good discount. I am very stingy, so if I see a discount, that’s where I am. hehe… I mean seriously, if you can get a good service for a cheaper price, why not? 🙂
The verdict? I so love it!
Let me tell you why..
The staff were very friendly. And very professional. They analyze what your hair needs and then they ask you if it’s ok with you. And since, I just want my hair to look good again, I said yes! 🙂
It’s quiet. I felt like I was in a spa, resting… They had music playing but it’s not a blaring sound. I don’t like it when they talk to you and you have to shout to hear each other. That’s not relaxing at all. Specially if you have to sit there for hours.
The place was spacious.  And they had comfortable sofas where you can sleep, if you want to, while waiting for the medicine to sink in. 🙂 And since it’s big, even if people come and go, it doesn’t feel crowded. At all.
I met Allan for the first time. You’d think he has an attitude because he has a name in the hairstyling industry in Davao, but he’s funny. And so game. haha… He even posed with me.

With my hairstylist, Mikmik. 🙂

With Allan Alforque…

He is cool! haha

Mikmik and Nash on both ends, they took care of my hair. Salamat kaayo! 🙂

                                      The whole team, with Allan Alforque.
If you’re looking for a salon in Davao, you might want to visit them.
      Allan Alforque Salon
      Lam Bldg., Torres St., (across Assumption Church/ beside BIR)
      Tel. Nos. 3004065 / 3030772
      Cel. No.  09209020790/ 09228933127
Incidentally, Allan Alforque Salon For Men, will be opened to the public soon. It’s located in Sta. Ana Avenue (near The Pinnacle Hotel).
Thank you guys for repairing my hair! 🙂 Now I’m sporting a long, shiny black hair.  That’s one good christmas gift to myself.
What about you, what’s your gift to yourself this christmas? 🙂
                                                                Lea C. Walker

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5 Responses to Rebonding… (The Allan Alforque Way)

  1. how much did you spend for your hair?


  2. Lea says:

    Hello Ciena, Thanks for dropping by my blog. They had a promo that time, so I only paid P3,000.00 . :)Thanks!Lea


  3. Lea says:

    PS. I have a very long hair. So that was really cheap. Thanks!


  4. Anonymous says:

    is Allan Alforque Opens on sundays?


    • Hello, I’m not sure if they are. Please try to contact them through the following numbers.

      Tel. Nos. 3004065 / 3030772

      Cel. No. 09209020790/ 09228933127

      Hope this helps. Thank you. 🙂


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