Merry Christmas! :)

Yey, Christmas is just around the corner. A few more days and it’s holiday once again. 🙂 I just love this season. The songs, the misa de gallo… Everything just seems to be really light and everyone’s in such a good mood. Life, generally is wonderful , on Christmas time.
You know, for years now, Davao City has not celebrated christmas or new year’s eve with firecrackers. It’s literally against the law. So it’s so quiet. But most importantly, there are no records of kids being hurt and no untoward incidents during the season relating to firecrackers.
But we , more than make up for it, by having all of these:


… is an antique shop whose owner/s (they say it’s owned by Dawn Zulueta? Not sure, if it’s true ) make it a point to present to us Dabawenyos an array of beautiful christmas trees and lights every year, regardless of the cost. I maybe wrong but from what I’ve seen, its budget is at least Php500,000.00 . That’s how grand it is!

 It’s located along J.P. Laurel Avenue. Every passers by can’t help it but stop and take photos of it. It has become a tradition for them and for us, spectators to go there each year and enjoy the scene.
Yesterday, when I passed by, I saw that they are preparing already. It opens on the eve of Misa De Gallo. From the looks of it, it’s another spectacular presentation! 🙂

The photos below were taken on December, 2010. I’m excited to see the new one.  It opens soon… I will surely share it with you guys! 🙂


For the first time, Pasko Fiesta was celebrated in Davao last year. It started with a float parade showcasing different christmas lights.  Local companies joined the activity and of course, me being a photography addict – I made sure that I was there. Not alone but with the rest of the family. As usual. haha


When my cousin , Jhing from Singapore visited last year, we took her to the People’s Park. I wanted to upload the video I took of the musical fountain because it’s so beautiful and fun to watch. But it won’t load. 😦 I don’t know why… Sigh.. So I’ll just share with you some of the photos I took then.

                                  The musical fountain. Too bad the video won’t upload. 😦

If you come to Davao, make sure that you visit the People’s Park.  Specially during Christmas Season. The fountain works its magic beautifully then.. It’s just at the back of Apo View Hotel, in downtown Davao.
Twenty or so years ago, Davao was a mess. But VM Rody R. Duterte (our mayor for the last 20 years) came and changed everything. If not for him, Davao will not be as progressive as it is right now. Thanks to him, we have lots of developments in the city. Thus, giving millions of Dabawenyos their jobs . And upgraded all our lives in the process.
Mabuhay ka Davao!  I am praying for a very “Merry” Christmas and a fruitful New Year for all of us…

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