Mindanao.. A Misunderstood Paradise (Part 2)

Year 2003:

My sisters, our driver and I left for Cagayan De Oro City via Bukidnon around 4 in the afternoon to purchase stocks for our ukay-ukay store. We’ve done this several times already so it did not bother us. We would have wanted to leave earlier but we were all busy with work. So our only option was to leave late from Davao, stay overnight in Cagayan and go back to Davao the next day. 🙂
Most people would get scared trekking the pitch black road of Buda at night. But we loved it because it’s cooler. The thick fog would envelope the road so we will just leave the van windows open, wear our jackets and enjoy the fresh and cool breeze. It was perfect.
And then it rained….We couldn’t see much of the road anymore. So we told Boyet to just drive slowly and carefully. After hours on the road, we still have not seen lights. So we all wondered if we were lost. Our conversations went:

   Me      : Yet, sigurado ka wala ta nawala? (Yet, are you sure we are not lost?)
  Boyet   :  Sigurado te oi. (I’m sure te.)
  Me       :  Ok.
  Pearlie :  Pag naay sign yet, basaha niya ha. (If you find a sign yet, read it.. )
  Boyet  :  Yes te.
  Daisy  :  Murag nawala jud ta.. (I think we’re lost.. )
  Me      :  Wala kaya ta naliko going Cotabato yet? (Maybe we turned towards Cotabato yet?)
  Boyet  : (speaking to all of us) Ate, Capa City naa sa sign… (Ate, the sign said Capa City.)
  Me      : Ha? Wala man Capa City di ba? (Huh? There’s no Capa City , right?) – asking both Pearlie
               and Daisy.
Both of my sisters answered worriedly,  none.And then Daisy started chuckling. She realized that we just passed by a bridge. And it usually states its CAPACITY. Get what I mean? hahaha

That’s what happens when you travel with crazy girls huh? It has been years since then, but everytime we go to Bukidnon, we would remember that rainy night and start laughing all over again. 🙂
“Buda” is short for Bukidnon-Davao road.  It’s the shortest route going to Cagayan De Oro City. The view is amazing.  The most beautiful one I’ve seen was when we were on top of Quezon early in the morning and the mountains below us were covered with clouds. It felt surreal, as if we were  in a dream…

             Pinetrees at Seagull Mountain Resort.

Dahlia. Taken in Buda, Philippines.

I love the pine trees, the flowers and ornamental plants being sold by the road vendors. The fresh vegetables in Marilog District and near the boundary of Quezon, they’re so cheap we always make it a point to stop and buy some.

Random Photos:

To protect the vegetables and other products of Bukidnon from foot and mouth disease, everyone is asked to pass through the quarantine in Lorega.
                               One of the Nipa Huts I saw in Marilog District. I love the design.

Praying Man. Wood carvings in Bukidnon.

                                                        I like his smile. 🙂
                                                      The Lake in Maramag.

One of the many pools in RR Spring Resort, Maramag, Bukidnon.

Pineapple Plantation at Manolo Fortich.My sisters and I with Franco and Marco.  Photo courtesy of my brother inlaw , Ruben.

Looks like “Grand Canyon” huh?    Bukidnon, Philippines.

Things To Do in Bukidnon:

  Visit Epol Waterfalls – we did this years ago with the whole family. Going down to the falls is easy.
But mama almost collapsed going up. 😦 So if you’re not up to it, don’t force
yourself. The waterfalls is very beautiful. 🙂

Visit the Church of Transfiguration in Malay-Balay, Bukidnon.

RR Spring Resort – it’s the newest resort in Maramag. They have nice accomodation. 🙂

Del Monte Pineapple Plantation – NEVER MISS THEIR STEAK! It’s so tender and yummy. Then make  sure that you try horse back riding. With the view of the valleys and the fresh air, it’s perfect!

Meet the Lumads – talk to them. 🙂

They make those necklaces and sell them cheaply. 🙂
Dine at Seagull Mountain Resort. I love their coleslaw! And do not forget, they also have waterfalls and a swimming pool.  So bring your swimming gear. 🙂

Buy flowers and vegetables on the road! Enjoy the cool weather and embrace the fog…  Beautiful Bukidnon, indeed!

Lea C. Walker



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