Things To Do In Cambodia

Cambodia isn’t just about its famous Temples at the Angkor Archaeological Park. I’ve experienced so much more and I loved every bit of it!
FISH SPA: (My most unforgettable experience… hehe)
I found this type of spa really fun. The fee is $4.00 inclusive of a back massage and one can of beer. I’m not into drinking but the combination was relaxing for me. The moment I sat down at the aquarium, I couldn’t stop myself from giggling. The little fish eating a part of your feet is really a weird sensation… You just have to try it to experience it. ha.. ha..

It took me a long time to put my feet in the water.. ha ha.. It was such a weird feeling.


If you’re in Siem Reap, never miss this! I’ve seen a lot of paintings there that are priced so cheap. What I love the most was the sunrise picture of Angkor Wat. The painters there really got talent. Other than that, they have scarfs made of really good materials, polo made of cambodian silk, etc. With all the products I’ve seen, if passing through Customs isn’t such a hassle, I would probably try selling them here. hehe…


I was first introduced to Cambodian music when we were in the bus on the way to Siem Reap. I didn’t understand the lyrics but the melody was so nice. Then, when we were at the temples, I’ve seen the landmine victims playing their music for a small donation. So John and I sat there just listening to them.

The best way to enjoy the place is to mingle with the local people.
I found it interesting that like Filipinos, some of the Cambodians are rice farmers too. 🙂

Then, I met those who are making sugar blocks made of palm fruit.  That was really cool! 🙂

The Angkor Archaeological Park is such a beautiful forest. Aside from the temples, what makes it a place to remember is the park itself. With the motes and the trees surrounding it, if you stop and take a breath, you would enjoy nature at its best…


I saw this display on the way to Banteay Srei.  I did not see these products at the Night Market.


Tuktuk is like a tricycle in the Philippines. I loved riding in it on our way to Angkor Park because I could feel the fresh air touching my face. The park was surrounded by century old trees that once the leaves sway, you’d think they’re singing because of the relaxing sound and the breeze it brings… Beautiful experience..


At the Resto Bar called “The Barrio”. It’s just across the street from Somadevi Angkor Hotel and Spa. It’s owned by a French national. The food was really tasty and the price is just right…


Ahh.. this is one of my favorite experiences in Siem Reap. I love the dancers who elegantly showed their culture through their dance. Tip: eat somewhere else. 🙂 The buffet dinner was not good. Sorry.


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